The Author II: The People’s Verdict


  • Nikhil Menon: Ever the intellectual, and always ready with a brilliant little one liner, Harish is the kind of person who you could have either a very intelligent conversation with, or just a plain good laugh. Always a database of all things sensible (and also utter rubbish), he pretty much knows everything. Einstein said – If all the knowledge humanity has acquired and all the knowledge it will acquire could be considered as a circular surface, to say you know even the extent of a point on that surface would be the height of arrogance…… Forgive him for saying that because Harish was born after he died. Hail to the point!
  • Swati Srinivasan: To Harish, who is incredibly intelligent and yet, chooses to pay attention to my inane babble. For being my encyclopedia, discussing with me everything, ranging from politics in Gujarat to messy love lives, and in turn, making me a little knowledgeable, too.
  • Nimish Batra: We call him THF – That Halappa Fellow.
    Because someone once asked after him, “Woh Halappa Ladka kahaan hai?” – Hindi for “Where is That Halappa Fellow?”
    Since he failed in Street Hindi – twice – it was only fair to anglicize the expression.
    That’s about it.
  • Ashwin: Mr. 42, what should I say about him? I shall start with his famous words of advice: “BELGIUM!” or “SHIESSE”. He is an egocentric, Psychopathic maniac.
    Should never gift him a sniper rifle because “God” only knows what he will do with it.
    (Note: He’s atheist!!)
    All I can say in one line about him is “A very misunderstood individual taken to be an idiot, when actually he is something else.” Makes you wonder sometimes if he is as down to earth as most people see him as.
    I laugh in irony if people do!
    Go for it man, be that outcast in society and never change one bit!!!!!


  • Roshan and the NSIT Q.C: Harish Alagappa—Writes in Chaos Verse…a Radiohead junkie…A “Do you know this” man… Averse to losing…has the best hair…Owns the copyright to 42. 
  • Nitesh Bhasin: harish or harish42 or mr feynman or mr dna or… what the hell! I will finish all 1024 characters giving out ur names. It was a normal day in USIT where me and nimish BAt’Ra were having our usual shady quizzes and BOOM! There was this big guy with no history in Delhi kicking our balls in supposedly in our own backyards. that’s when I first met mr alagappa. Since then quizzin has nvr been th same 4 me (kinda good 4 me as bat’ra is passing out). wat I can tell u bout this person is that he is very impulsive and i really doubt tht he has an iq of 222+(yes i do). but apart from everythin said and done harish is a great person, though cynic at times, but u really need to b urself and tht is something he does with gr8 panache.


  • Sahadev: Reverently hailed king of his h****ness, Emperor, Majesty, Mr. Harish Alagappa….wasaaap……….
    well well well, where do I start of with this creature who was born to do a lot of things but mainly to torture teachers and at times his fellow beings………I know harish frm our iron maiden days..havent seen him for almost 3 years so my facts and figures might not match to the current but ill try to be as accurate as possible…
    harish was a very down to earth and a nice guy…acted a bit wierd at times but tht made him kinda funny…we had loadz f fun in school especially during our comp n math classes(good ol days)……..was amazin at english…probably wudve gotten better by now so if ne errors found pls correct………the statement “actions speak louder than words” was proven wrong by mr harish as he was a master debater………very clumsy at times…..wasnt a very gifted sportsman but his brains made up for it….football was fun… he actually played football well considering his not so athletic body…….thts all i can think f rite now…………….sry harish if i revealed certain stuff tht ppl shouldnt know but wht the hell…………..
  • harish !
    mmmm kindly excuse me cuz ma language skills rnt remotely as gud as urs so i hope ul pardon ma colloquial language…!lol!
    mmmm i met him in the 9th grade …. oh my god ENTERTAINMENT package! haha… serious …!this guy just talks n talks n talks n gotta admit makes sense!
    i wasn realli close t him but it was awesome havin him as a classmate…
    gosh esp the english classes where his gift… < his wonderful command over the english language> were gud fun!
    and yes I’ve to give recognition to MR MISRA! lol!! haha… he is … i dunno where to begin!… and mr misra’s anger and oh ma god hilarious style!
    inws to sum it up …. awesome time knowin u! u were one o the few guts who were worth knowin in skol!lol!
    best o luck for evrytn…
    knw ul do very well 4 urself!
    ~ riti!
  • Pooja: erm..i dont kno him that well…all i kno is tht he is the only guy in our skool tht has the guts 2 stand up for wat they believe in. ROCK ON BRO! oh yea no ass kissin for this guy, no suck ups and he is definitely not a patient of peer pressure.


  • Anirban: well what can i say about his great persona.words wont be able to de4scribe him.he is a genius in itself and one good thing that he doesnt care about what others say of him.he may not have the hunky looks but a really nice guy to be frndly wid.and last but not the least,his indepth knowledge of the english language can even give SHAKESPEARE shivers
    harish dont get overwhelmed
  • Saurabh Singh: well well well!!!
    Biggest asshole i have ever seen.Very intellegent with his talks and nature.
    He is a classroom genius to say the least,very well occupied within him self.
    He has kept his mind conserved for a special task. u can’t guess what it is
    but a very in nice person to be with…..
  • Mayank a.k.a. MAK Makes It Possible: The person i am going to write abt, Mr. Alagappa. I didn’t interact with him much, but my other friends always tell abt him. Now, i am familier with his thought and my sight says, he can be a great philosopher, having good sense of humour. his english is very good. for me, he is a dictionary,
    good vocabulary, good style but body movement, he should care abt it.
    At last, i would like to write, wherever u will go don’t forget me (exceptional case, don’t remember
    me in toilet) sorry. poor joke.

3 responses to “The Author II: The People’s Verdict

  1. Indian Person of my generation: “lol!! lol!! u2!! Dude!! lol!!”

    British Snob :Indeed.

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  3. ram

    Dear Harish,

    We are organizing an event in bangalore on August 2nd with Ram invitation only for 25 people..if you are in Bangalore ..would love for you to join



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