• Cristo… Cristo… Shimmer!! Shimmer Cristo!!
  • Timmah! Ti-Timmy? Timmah! Timmah!”
  • “Sometimes I think… whoa!”
  • “I have an attention span smaller than that of a… hey! look at that shiny thingy!”
  • “Gee, what am I going to do tonight? The same thing I do every night… TRY TO TAKE OVER THE- ooh! shiny thingy again!”
  • “We are not brains in a vat. We are real. Not that the fact makes our existence any less useless, pointless and unfree”
  • 15 feet of tin foil… check. Time to make some hats.
  • A room. It’s all white. And the walls are so soft. And what’s this thing I’m wearing? It’s also white and soft. Long sleeves. VERY long sleeves. So long that they encircle my body and are tied behind my back. I can’t move my hands… The walls are soft indeed!
  • Nude ~ Radiohead. (Album: In Rainbows. 2007) A song that can move you to tears.
  • I’m the Aqualung of the internet… Yes, I guess I am.
  • There may come times when you feel you might be in love. This is reasonably alright and can be classified under the realm of human stupidity, a category that is also a justification for most of my actions. But it is at moments when you think that the object of your affection will return your feelings… that’s the time you should reach with your hand, pull these feelings of being in love out by their collar and trash/flog/ass-whop/belt/beat them to within an inch of their life. You see, it’s called pre-emptive measures.

“Run, children, run! Run before the real world gets you!”

Children: “Are you mad? That’s so not cool! Noone does that!”

“Damn it, too late.”

2 responses to “Mumblings…

  1. OKX. Vampire Weekend. Exit Music (for a film).

    It’s just as good as, if not better than, the original. Like the drums and vocals.

    Mike Shinoda: “I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll…”
    Chester Bennington: “Strawberry roll!”
    Joe Hahn: “I wish I was in Radiohead…”
    Phonix: 😥

  2. THF

    Heard A LOT about Vampire Weekend. From Chris Martin, no less.
    Gimme OK X. Gimme gimme!

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