Cartoons Imitate Reality

It had to happen.
I watched too much Cartoon Network as a kid.
I refute this by saying that its not my fault I sucked at cricket, football, basketball, badminton, cycling, tennis, chess, carroms and video games.
I had no choice.
They are no longer mere characters now.
They are people. Real. Three-dimensional people. No longer made of pixels, but have “bodies made of food and the immovable self”.
There is no explanation.
There is no Guide.
Is it me or do some people I know seriously remind me of cartoon characters (not merely appearance)?

1. Nimish Batra:

2. Ankit Sud:

3. Abhimanyu Mitra:

4. Ashwin Murali:

5. Nitesh Bhasin B. Hasin:

6. Dinesh Kapur:

7. Swati :

8. Priyadarshni :

9. Venom… ( 😀 )

And finally,

10. Me… (It’s my blog, I’ll be what I want!) :

One response to “Cartoons Imitate Reality

  1. Waah! Who wouldn’t wanna date Calvin?! Boo, I refuse. Susie??!

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