I don’t know what my state of mind is as I write this…

I haven’t slept or been truly awake in the last 3 days. It’s weird…

Insomnia gives you:

  • Extraordinary focus on ONE central object with everything that’s in the periphery being blurred beyond distinction. Sometimes even the reverse happens.
  • The feeling that you have a temperature when you actually don’t. You feel sick. Really sick. Yet check your temperature with a thermometer and it’s fine. Throat and nose still hurt like hell, though. Two major dust storms in two days and all my allergies are blooming like flowers in a Swiss spring! Yaaay!
  • A lack of feeling in your body’s extremities. Especially your fingertips, I can barely feel the keypad as I type this. You are also assauged with a profound sense of weakness: physical, mental and emotional.

I want to sleep, but every time I try, I just toss and turn in bed. Time slows down. I thought I was lying in bed for an hour, turns out it was from 3:45 to 4 AM. You’re neither asleep nor awake and to make things worse, you end up confused about the visions you see. You’re asleep enough to dream, but still conscious of the world around you. Thus, dreams and reality collide in a weird, non-poetic and completely senseless way.

I need to sleep. I’m gonna try again. Problem is, even if I manage to sleep successfully this time around, I have to wake up in 4 hours.


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3 responses to “I don’t know what my state of mind is as I write this…

  1. Insomnia is torture. Have you tried exercising during the day? This can help wear you out so you can sleep at night. Also, warm milk prior to bedtime helps too. Good luck…I feel your pain.

  2. Venom

    Muahahahhahhahhahhahah ah hahahh ah hahahahahahahahha
    Ahhhha ha hahahhhaha!!

    Guffaw! Guffaw!


  3. Even though I know what you speak of – but I am with venom on this one .. WELL SAID ! Muahahahahahahahaahahah ah hahahah ah hahahahahahahhah – I second that and how !

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