Call for Project Collaboration

I have this idea I originally wanted to submit as my Minor Project for the semester, but since I was working alone and the material was kinda scarce  was unable to finish it.

Why was I working alone? No-one else in my class wanted to work on anything that wasn’t grounded heavily in our archaic syllabus. (note: Grounded heavily… this is supposed to be Aerospace Engineering).

The idea was to design a Stirling Engine for usage in Deep Space Exploration probes. I have the requisite knowledge of the final frontier and the aspects relating to propulsion systems and spacecraft design, but I wanted to study the potential for using superconductors in the electrical circuitry. This, of course, necessitates participation from someone who actually knows a thing or two about superconductors and electronics.

So, all ye engineers out there, I am hiring. The pay isn’t very good, in fact it’s non-existent, but I’m not one of those jerks who looks to dominate a project.

I have a few more project ideas too, if anyone out there has any knowledge of Laser Metrology.

You know where to find me.

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