Mann Role Mera…

It’s 5:02 AM and I’m typing this.

The title. Sad. It’s easily the worst title to a post ever. If the discerning reader (fuck, I’ll just name the sole reader I have!), if Dinesh has noticed, I haven’t complained about how my writing style is non-existent, or how I’ve been going through a bout of writer’s bloc (sic.) for the last one-and-a-half years et cetera. It follows from my principle of “Blog as if no-one’s reading!”, and no-one is! Except for Decay, of course.

In any case, the title is actually a reference to xkcd. I’ve been clicking on the random button at the rate of once every 6 minutes, so I’ve seen approximately 50. Also, there’s a reference to a popular song that is sung in B-grade hindi movies to charm snakes. Also, strangely enough, there was a one-hit wonder teen-pop cover of the same song sung by a girl who had attended a school in Bangalore which I subsequently attended. Can’t remember her name (I never knew it properly in the first place, to be honest).

So, there. TITular references done with.

Randall Munroe is God. Since I was born into a Hindu family (into the Brahmin caste to boot! Descendent of the ancestral priests of the Kalahasti Shrine… Now atheist and KFC fan), I can have multiple cultural and intellectual demi-gods (to monotheist cultural/intellectual demi-godders: Nyeh nyeh!)

I’m going back into AYBABTU probably. It’s psedo-retro and just forgotten enough to be funny again. Again, like in xkcd, it was my first internet meme.

Btw, if a=1, b=2, … z=26.

x + k + c + d = 24 + 11 + 3 + 4 = 42!!!! OMFG! UBER PWNAGE!!!!

But xkcd’s greatest moment has to be this line:

Ah, late night internet. The sheer wastage of time, unrivalled by any other action.


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2 responses to “Mann Role Mera…

  1. Now atheist and KFC fan .. lol !!

    Wow even xkcd is getting it on now .. toilet humour aside – have been seeing 42’s again? Why does this happen to me when exams are on ..

    Also I see your ‘late night inter-ga-net time wasting’ and raise you to ‘being the sole reader of a blog and actually leaving comments early in the morning’ .. haha !

    Now AYBABTU ..

    btw xkcd = 42 = I think someone told me this before, if not, then it really is UBER PAWNAGE !!

  2. p.s. – [citation needed]

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