Bob Dylan was right after all!

The parts of his songs I could actually understand that is.

There’s this one song, which like his others, goes something like this:

neeeeya, neeeeya, yeeee, anna, neeeeeya neee neee… Oh, the times, they are a-changing…

Which, as I have implied, they are.

May 11th, 2009.

The 91st birth anniversary of this guy (terrible article, as I believe all of mine are)

The 8th death (or final lift?) of this guy.

And, notably, the day South Park will premiere on Indian Television.

Yes. What the fuck just isn’t enough.

It’s strange. The moment a show hits Indian TV, it goes bad. Scrubs hit Indian TV when season 5 started elsewhere. And we all now that started the steady downward slide of an otherwise hilarious and intelligent show. Following this trend, South Park’s season 13 is a massive disappointment.

Episode 3 was alright. The whole Kyle is a Jew thing can go wrong if not done well.

Episode 1 was kinda funny in parts. “You do not.  FUCK! With Mickey Mouse! Got that? ha ha?”

Episode 2 was just… bad. The Dark Knight could’ve been parodied so much better.

Episode 4… they were tripping on acid or something, but ended up making a brilliant feminist statement. And as a guy, I was repulsed. Sorry, it’s a genetic thing probably.

Episode 5… Nice. Best episode of the season, but nothing compared to their previous work. Why is Trey Parker going after Carlos Mencia? I mean, who cares about Carlos Mencia, for DNA’s sake? The Kayne West thing was nice though.

Episodes 6 and 7… Worst. Ever.

I don’t have a TV, so no clue as to where they’re starting off from and if they’ll go in order. I’m surprised that any TV show who’s pilot episode is called “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe” is being broadcast. I don’t think it’ll last. With India’s censorship system and how regressive thought sells on the t00b, it’ll end up being one long, uninterrupted bleep. Then some nut will say killing children is un-Indian (which it isn’t, by the way… Look at our education system!) and poof! It’ll be gone before you can say Meekrab.

This is the defining sequence of South Park’s pilot episode. I tried to find the actual video, but google has betrayed us and youtube is more or less the lunatic asylum of the interweb, or whatever the damn thing is called now. Anyway, the essence is still there.

Dedicated to ye, who know South Park as only a “3-time Emmy Award winning, animated TV show”…

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One response to “Bob Dylan was right after all!

  1. Here is a thought – Modi on Kenny’s character?

    Also the embedded video does not work !

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