Left For…

This post is about two things.

1. My efforts to get the most fucking amazing ringtone ever!

2. The status message of Natansh Verma.

I’m up right now trying to download a video and a video to audio converter as I couldn’t find the mp3 file of the most fucking amazing ringtone ever!

And I noticed Natansh’s gtalk status message, which was a rant against his institute. His institute is my dream institute. Now, I don’t know how much Natansh liked Maths before joining IIT-D and whether or not his 4 years there have changed his opinion of the subject. But I do know that 3 years of Amity have made me loathe science in general and utterly uber-despise Aerospace Engineering in particular. If Natansh’s feelings about Mathematics and Computing have gone the same way, and this is with him being in the best damn college for his course in the country (and if IIT loving lunatics -who’re usually the parents of kids who didn’t get in- have it, the world).

The point is, if Natansh’s feelings towards Math and Comp have been negatively affected by his institute analogous in essence and not quantity, to my feelings about Aerospace, that means that the best advice I can anyone planning to pursue (and trust me, pursue is the right word) their undergraduate degree in India is this: Find out what you love more than anything. Something you’d love to make a career out of. Something you know will not bore you even if you work at it for decades. Find your passion. And in no circumstances, do it as your undergrad degree.

All hail the Indian Education System.


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8 responses to “Left For…

  1. Rant against that place? ! ? ! ?

    Degrees in India should be awarded with anti-depressants, as for Natansh, lucky bastard has not seen the dark side of the moon, has he ..

  2. b33j

    Amity is for neurotypical kids who want a job at the end of a redundant four year process of testing your diligence in reading the teacher’s lips and marking her favorite xerox notes. It is hardly the place for creativity or to develop into anything more than an ‘industry ready professional’. Whats worse is that their embarrassing advertising will never allow you, in your professional life, to disassociate yourself from the troughs and the dark pits, the most pathetic failings of your past.

  3. @ Decay:

    I believe this proves the ailments that plague our system aren’t localized to mediocre engineering colleges alone. And when you think of the kind of people who excel at it, the process of the sodomy of learning, and realize that they’re the ones who will rule the nation in all spheres of life… Well, you know where I started before I reached here. Of course, I intend to rape the process of learning and vehemently fuck the idea of knowledge in my last year. Am I Bono to get out of this cesspit with my image squeaky clean? Only time will tell.

    @ b33j:

    Do I know you? You speak with the authority of someone who’s been where I am. In which case, we are akin to holocaust victims… In principle.

  4. b33j

    You are on my Orkut, thats how I came to know about your blog. Creepy, but being intrusive isn’t the only social grace I lack. I lurk on and off. I went with you to a quiz once when our universe that was not yet a university, long time ago.

  5. @ b33j:

    Ah, yes! Ankit. We went to IMS in my first and your last year of college. I have a whole host of questions to ask you regarding the special supplementary exams held in August-Sept.
    Nice to hear from you again, btw.

  6. Lookie what we have here – guppy found a friend – aaawww ..

  7. swati

    whats “awww”-worthy is that “Guppy” found a friend in AMITY….who would’ve thought!!

    p.s. about the whole AMity/college issue, does one’s individual personality not play a part in any of this? not all people who go to the same place end up with the same fate… na?

  8. Hehe,
    The reason I studied so hard to get into IIT, was exactly this… the other engineering colleges looked horribly bad. But then, IIT isn’t a perfect place either. It has it’s pitfalls, some quite big.

    The fact is, I am in the wrong department. I belong in Computer Science… Mathematics never caught my fancy until I could apply it someplace. So yea, I tend to hate Maths for it. And yea, I do hate Abstract Maths completely… it’s just too damn abstract to be of help!

    I don’t hate IIT. I do hate my department, for some very irrational and lunatic professors. But then again, there are other professors who are very good there as well!

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