Look who’s writing again!

Now, now honey! Don’t be mad! I know you’re angry that I haven’t been paying as much attention to you as I used to before, but that does not necessarily mean I don’t care about you anymore! It’s just that all this work! The fear of the future, the utter and complete decimation of all my hopes and every single human being I know climbing onto my case as if it was Mount fucking Everest!

And I know. 2-2 at home. At least he didn’t dance. But, hey! At least we’re better off than the Scouse brigade! Decay must be ecstatic, and keeping in mind his recent penchant for “inserting” a sexual innuendo in every second sentence of his speech, I believe he will describe his mood with one of the following words: Euphoric, Orgasmic, Elevation, Ejaculation or more.

As for n00b42, n00b42, n00b42… HIKE! He’s probably singing YNWA even now.

In any case, my parents were missing me for some strange reason. It had been around six months since I saw them last.  So, I am now in Mumbai. My writing has deteriorated more than umm… something; so I’ll not write much but rather inundate your web browsers with tiny packets of information that will be converted into pictures taken from a 1MP phone camera.

But the good news is that I have finally bought myself a copy of ‘The Black Swan’ by Nissim Nicholas Taleb. Yay!


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2 responses to “Look who’s writing again!

  1. What sexual innuendo in every second sentence of his speech? Fuck you ! Don’t defame me !(hehe) .. no but seriously !!

    YNWA eh? .. true true – Essien will be there !!

  2. pink panther

    aww you’re writing again…. write more, much more!

    p.s.- we miss u 🙂

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