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Zuck You Fuckerberg!

Facebook has a new user. No, it’s not me. It’s a guy called Haldamir Tinuviel who happens to share my birth date and city of residence.
Call me paranoid, but that site scares me. So, I created a new email id using the Elvish name I adopted when I was 12 or 13. And I shall reveal nothing. No phone number. No “real” email id. No address. Nothing. For facebook’s Orwell-inspired admins, Haldamir Tinuviel is as close as you’ll get to me. I wonder what the posters inside their Palo Alto HQ say. Perhaps, Oh I don’t know… “Freedom Is Slavery”, “War Is Peace”, “Ignorance Is Strength”.
And why am I ON the cursed service? For the sake of a word I utterly and completely despise, but it’s something I guess I have to do. And the word is… Networking.
Excuse me, I have to wash my hands.


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“And on the 42nd day, he shall rise again!”


I cannot explain why I haven’t been writing. Maybe it’s because I no longer enjoy the honor and privilege of an internet connection, or maybe it’s because I’m so busy I can’t waste my time on a silly blog.

Or maybe it’s because blogging, like social networking websites, is merely a fad. And it’s time is up. It shall now be relegated to that hallowed graveyard of peculiar habits that the populace began to practice en masse, solemnly swearing to never stop; for THIS truly defines them, THIS is finally an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively; THIS is the moment they have been waiting for. However, THIS finally becomes THAT and THAT always has been and always will be… boring. (I used to fancy myself as a writer. I just tried to elucidate my views by the means of a series of sentences that hinged on demonstratives.)

The point is, it appears that blogging is now giving company to the Macarena, the Fonz’s jacket, Akshay Kumar’s blue jeans and movies with ‘Khiladi’ in the title and college basketball-playing “dewds”. It’s a pity, though. I used to like blogging. Until the pressure to write something extraordinary every single time kicked in. I guess I’ll resume this blog differently. It’s probably a fresh start.

2008 was a strange year. In the stats column, it started with Chaosverse enjoying 3,000 hits in the first month alone. In the last month of 2008, it dropped to 700. That further fell to 600 in January ’09. I guess that’s a good thing. There’s no more pressure. No more “Is Harish in form again?” I know I’ve lost my edge, but I’m going to stop trying to get it back. The best things come to you when you never expected them or even asked for them. That’s the one lesson I can say I learnt the easy way. Right, Venom?

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