FUBAR – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

FUBBAR – The way this guy pronounced it at IIFT last weekend. Which makes this version worse.

Things are FUBBAR. I shall list them out and continue wasting my life.

  • My Computer is fucked. Again. I think the Motherboard is screwed. Again. And the RAM. Again. And the Hard Drive. This is new. My Hard Drive had approximately 200GB of hard-earned movies, music, games, e-books, pdfs and the like.
  • My attendance is fucked in new ways. It’s 85% in two subjects. And 56% in the rest. Go figure.
  • I have two extremely painful ulcers in my mouth. Which means I haven’t eaten in 24 hours. And I can’t speak unless it’s through my teeth, which makes me sound perennially angry. Which I am. But not with anyone in particular.
  • And the worst part of all of this is… Wait. That’s yet to happen. Shit!

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