Bad News…

I wasn’t killed in the bomb blasts at CP, Karol Bagh or GK. Though I was planning to go there, I didn’t because I was am broke.

I’m just in the process of understanding a very basic rule of living.

Stop fighting the system. There is no such thing.


“Midnight in a Perfect World” and “What Does Your Soul Look Like part 1” – DJ Shadow. (from the album Entroducing…) Need to get that album. Stat!

After the phenomenal weirdness and success of Nude, Radiohead’s releasing Reckoner to be remixed by YOU and me. (well, not me actually. I have not the software, time or requisite knowledge)

I don’t blog for a month and there’s a bomb blast, a financial crisis and the end of the world. Sheesh!

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One response to “Bad News…

  1. Ashwin (Douche)

    My views and advice towards the matter are simple and stratight forward. They are as follows:-

    1st things first: the world does not swim around you
    2nd: everybody around you and including you is always broke!
    3rd: SHIT HAPPENS!
    4th and most important: ADVICE is “GO GET LAID!”

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