Lee Ricks

Lee Ricks isn’t exactly a very good author, or poet, or philosopher or even spiritual guru. In fact, most of Mr. Rick’s works tend to be utter and complete trash. They appear to be a meaningless collection of pop-culture slogans thrown intermittently between verses of how love is beautiful or terrible, depending on his mood, his personal experiences, the personal experiences of others or accepted, but unverified, fact. If Mr. Ricks isn’t going on about how good/bad/ugly a thing love is, he keeps going on about how great HE is, as a person. Sometimes Mr. Ricks doesn’t even make sense. Yet, he is famous. Very famous. But why?

Because Mr. Ricks bibliography is vast. There are certain Lee Ricks we like and some we don’t. And it is because Mr. Ricks possesses such wide range that we are able to pick and choose amongst his works for lines and passages that inspire us, depress us or we believe are just our thoughts expressed in a manner we cannot. It is strange, though, how Lee Ricks can say in a couple of lines, that which we struggle to express in pages and pages of mindless garbage which has been read over 21,000 times. Yet, he does it and we should be thankful.

People tend to ask, “So, what are your favorite [works of] Lee Ricks?”. Mine change, ranging from:

This one, here.

To this one, here.

To this one, nyah.

Many more of his works exist that can be classified as my favorites as he continues his vendetta to inspire, motivate, depress, annoy, entertain and irritate us and it never fails to surprise me how the abscure gentlemen named Lee Ricks manages to capture the innermost thoughts of humanity in a subtle and intelligent manner whilst simultaneously coming up with meaningless trash.

Ladies and Gentlemen… If you thought my last post was bad… just you wait! Hahahahahahahaha!


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2 responses to “Lee Ricks

  1. budhaditya banerjee

    all your blogs and lee ricks and butters’ songs are belong to us

  2. Dear LARD, what a whine.

    Lemme guess, you’re drinking ThumsUp because they said on TeeVee that it’s “GrowUp Tonic”? Hmm?

    Quit blogging for a month, and use drafts, fer crissakes.

    Is your next post going to be “Lee Ricks and Melo D:- Rapping beyotches from B-Yond the Void”?


    And you’re enjoying this, right? Sadist! Pedant! PedantoSadist!

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