Silence! I Want To Hear Silence!

The title is a quote from one of my middle-school teachers. Ah! What noble and gifted souls are those who have been allocated the responsibility of enlightening the young ones of our nation. And the consequences of such an “education” is what this post is about. I’m not going to say a lot because my mind has not been working very well of late. Just view the photographs, and if you cannot read Hindi… I guess you’re kind of lucky.

In other news… Ram Guha’s ‘The Last Liberal’ was freaking amazing. This man is now officially one of my favorite authors and is still the reigning ‘Best Indian Author in English’. Will probably buy ‘India After Gandhi’ after all, regardless of how expensive it is.

And J.M.Roberts’ ‘History of the World’ is… well… it’s well-researched, sort of well-written, concise and academically quite good. But I feel, and this is a personal opinion, that the book is full of negative undertones. There’s white supremacy: his exhortations as to how the first major civilisation in the world, The Sumerians, were Caucasians and how it reached it’s zenith under Caucasians is kind of, excessive. Even if the Sumerians were Caucasian, it really doesn’t deserve the amount of attention he gives it. There are also quite a few sexist undertones along with a lot of pro-Europe bias. But, I might be wrong. This isn’t my area, I don’t know anything about history to actually form any opinion to counter Roberts and so there is a very high possibility that what all these negative undercurrents are just me interpreting his book in ways I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I’m with the folks again. Can’t wait to get back to Delhi. And if this post has invalidated DK’s last comment, it’s because while typing this… I can hear Butters singing What What (In The Butt) . Trey Parker. Matt Stone. Thank You!


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3 responses to “Silence! I Want To Hear Silence!

  1. Anupam Guha

    Harish beat ‘Childrens, how was you?’ [sic] in front of the morning assembly, daily, for 12 years.

    It was from our Chairman, a person owning 8 schools, responsible for 20,000 children(s).

    He was also a tihar inmate, on forgery charges.

  2. Welcome to Aaj Tak – YOU LATE BY @ MONTHS LOLZ!

    Saw it already on the company BB. Pfft.

    Why’re you reading non-fic? *scared*

  3. @ Anupam:

    Tihar inmate? Hah! I have been in schools that variously were:
    1. Fundamentalist Christian enough to name a building after Pat Robertson, if only they knew him. Founded in 1890-something by some missionaries; it is compulsory for all students to carry separate copies of the Old and New Testament everyday, taught us how our loyalties to Jesus come before our loyalties to India etc.
    2. Sections 5A to 5J… each class had approx. 40 to 45 students. That’s nearly 500 students in one fucking batch! And my English teacher pronounced Jon as “Joan”. I have a nasty memory.
    3. Straight out of High-School Musical. Bethany was easily the best school I studied in… but there were too many people there who thought it was Riverdale High or believed Tupac was the greatest human being to have ever existed. After themselves, of course.
    4. Guys from class IX wave knives in the face of guys from class XI. Guys from class XI retaliate by attacking guy from class IX’s group with laths. Later, principal blasts me for not fulfilling my duties as School Student Advisor by breaking up the fight.

    And NOW, I’m in a college founded by someone who has an Interpol Warrant out for him.

    Sorry, I’m Uber-Competetive about nonsensical things. The more pointless the issue, the more I compete.

    @LOLZ Boy:

    Saw it already on the company BB. Pfft.

    So? No, honestly, so? You are not my target audience. I aim higher.

    Why’re you reading non-fic? *scared*

    Indeed. And I have never in my life stated my preference for non-fic. Yup. You’ve got me there!

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