Do Looks Matter?

This time it’s Redoable Lite.

Awaiting further reactions.

And as for ME:


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7 responses to “Do Looks Matter?

  1. hey dude,
    need a favour man,
    i know youll think its crazy but hear me planning we start a newsletter here in college.its all us,just for ppl here in aero.
    just a 2 page thing to start wid man,we’ll ask amity uni press if they can print it for us otherwise i we can ind a place in atta.
    what it shall hav in it?anything,anything useful,its like we are learning the theory that is 50 yrs old text stuff..we gotta print stuff happening NOW right NOW out there dealing with aerospace and the works..u knw evrything anything of interest.could hav sm article fr the juniors,the coming freshers,not ur welcomes to the amity family but useful stuff tht they cud use,tht we could hav used when we were new think of it..there could be shitloads of stuff these guys shud knw bout rite? u knw wht i mean..
    all i think is its a means man.our college sucks rite now,u knw it i knw it,and no if ur thinkin im getting the kicks of trying to change the “system” or smthing fuck i dnt hav such intentions..all i care about is finishing these 2yrs and getting the hell outa here FAST..but man u knw,once we are here,y not make it liveable,try getting in touch with aero guys our age in iits or pec chandigarh,see wht they are upto,get sm first hand knowledge on wht they might be having in their establishd college tht we need here..we need to make our place here known kinda..
    so much said,if our wants of a proper lab,classrooms,infra are to be heard,we need our freshers and juniors to knw bout all this and wht we want and shud hav
    its nt much workload man,a 15 day apart 2-3 page newsletter will take about 2 days for editing and 2 days off our time tht we can easily afford..
    who’ll read it?well there shall be those in our class “who can”,and the juniors will coz it shall be interesting..or they will hav to read it..
    apart frm that u can think of whtevr u want,we’ll put it in the newsletter..believe me man,think bout it and lemme know then,plus it looks pretty on ur statement of purpose too..nt tht u need it coz ur co-curricularly well stocked but still this shall too..

  2. fuck i didnt mean to post this thing here lol..thought i was mailing ya anyways reply back

  3. Dear Siddharth
    U pwnd THF.
    Thx 4 tat.

  4. I wanted to read more. But my eyes fail me with something so total with the color black.
    I feel horrible.

  5. Yea, THF can’t do the UI thing. Copy paste – he writes well, even though he can’t color inside the lines. Or the page.

  6. @ Siddharth:
    Just you wait… Thrice hath thou wronged me on the blogosphere. Retribution is supposed to be swift and terrible, but mine will just be terrible.

    Pwnd? Me? Hah! (And you and Decay should learn to say thanks when I gift you setups.)

    @Vertigo Head:

    I feel horrible.

    I have that effect on people.

    And the criticisms of my theme sound like the kind of things my 1st standard Arts teacher used to complain about. Come on, people! You can do better than that! Insult my vanity! Destroy my ego! Or worse… give me some suggestions.

  7. You? Providing setups?

    You walk into the ditches you dug, and then try to take credit? Pfft.


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