This post is dedicated to the two M’s that make my life worthwhile:

First; a harmonica, a bass guitar, a piano and a room that’s not very well-lit. Add a pair of large and extremely dark sunglasses to that. I’m gonna start a-singin’ now. *ahem* “My girl’s sober. While everyone else around her is drunk. WTF? WTF? WTF?

This could precipitate into something nasty. Let’s see.

In other news, Mensa Delhi-NCR is upto something. It’s top secret. All I can say is… it’s fun. And it starts with a Q. In fact, it’s a series of that thing that’s fun and starts with a Q.

I also moved for the 4th time in one and a half years. I’m now in an old-age home! The good part is… a. I get my own room! No room-mates! Yay!  b. It’s in a very nice part of Noida (sec-37) which leads me to  c. If time and the weather permit, it’s a half-an-hour walk from my “college”!

By an extraordinary coincidence, the name of the place also starts with an M. 


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