Not the title I wanted to keep…

I actually planned on writing a post entitled, “The Art Of Cunnilingus”. Just to observe the reaction of my loyal readers. But I decided against it because: a. I don’t think I’m someone who garners readership through shock-value and b. I’d end up on PageRank results for Cunnilingus… the consequences of which are too dire to contemplate.

It’s still exam time. I hate the timing of these exams. The weather is absolutely fucking amazing! It’s been raining for the last two days on end. I had a great day yesterday. A great morning, to be precise. I fell asleep in the afternoon to take my quota of sleep in the last three days to ten hours. I woke up and since then have been feeling… unusual. I saw some South Park and followed it up with a healthy dosage of Black Adder (courtesy: n(00)b42). While watching the stuff, I felt great. Now, I just feel… unusual. I have reasons to be extremely happy indeed. But can my neurotic mind handle it? Ah! Now that’s a question worth asking! Is my mind capable of handling happiness?

I’d like to come up with a lengthy and highly convoluted theory for this using such logical tools as Godwin’s Law, ad homeniem attacks and circular logic. But I don’t feel like it. Maybe it’s the weather. The weather reminds of Bangalore. Of a time when I thought I was actually capable of something. Now, well… you know how things are!

The weird bit is that I am fundamentally the kind of person who prefers solitude to the company of peers. Yet, meeting someone would make me feel a whole lot better. Strange are the ways of human emotion. Insipid and strange. I’ll stop talking now. Listening to ‘I Might Be Wrong’ over and over again.

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One response to “Not the title I wanted to keep…

  1. What do we call linguists who are cunning? Your call. I suffer from the same syndrome – ‘lonely company’ or was it ‘company while lonely’. Sometimes, I think it is a mark of selfishness. Sometimes, it seems like plain fatigue and distress.

    Are you looking over your shoulder for the sniper?

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