Dead Leaves, Dirty Ground and a Broken Left Finger

I’m under the impression that my blog has reached its peak, its crowning glory, the height of its achievements. And whatever I write from now on is just meaningless rambling on a webpage that’s on its way down.

Is is really over? Have I, in just three years, said everything I have to say?

I broke my left index finger a couple of days back in a nasty bike accident, so I’m having quite a bit of trouble typing this.

Otherwise, things are pretty alright.

I’m now allowed to sit for ALL but one of my exams. Looks like the goddam institute finally did something for me.

Practicals were… well… forget about them. Let’s just say, my Metrology viva ended with the external examiner shouting at me to “Get out! Get out now!”. Nice!

I have little to say right now. Nimish is working on making an application for the previous post’s idea. Dada blogging.

Will get back if I deem it necessary. Or something.



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8 responses to “Dead Leaves, Dirty Ground and a Broken Left Finger

  1. No I’m not. I’ve got my feet up, and I’m commenting on this here blag.


  2. Nimish

    Its surprising to see so many useless people on net including you writing such crap & putting unnecessary load on world wide web

  3. Hey Harish, you know about certain ‘numbers’?

    Let’s send an email out to certain admins of certain ‘places’ with certain ‘proof’


    This’ll be fun.

  4. @ Nimish:
    As they say in Management circles, “Go Fuck Yourself”

    @ The Real Nimish:
    Good idea. But you’ve probably scared the willies out of our Shrek fans. No, wait. He was an ogre.

  5. Nimish

    Good to see you guys talking some sense now. Wake up you fake people. BTW, pls feel free to email to certain admins. It will really be fun

  6. Deepak

    Management circles! Hahaha. What the hell you know about management circles? Reading few books in management school won’t make you understand that – You idiot

  7. Prasoon C


    You realise that you’re talking to
    a. A B Tech 2nd year student?
    b. A Mensan
    Which makes him simultaneously smarter than everyone else in the conversation and also NOT in a management school?

    And ‘fake people’? Wow you don’t know what ‘irony’ means do you Anaemiac?

    Plus, it’s very funny to see people with no life find a random blogger( writing about his life, on his personal blog) and try and abuse him. And fail. Miserably.

    Harish – man I don’t know how you find these people, but keep it coming! We’re laughing in the fifth row in Mech right now. 😀

    PS: Check your mail.

  8. Deepak

    Even I am laughing here hahahah 🙂

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