He’s got the look

Yaaaaaaaah! I named a post after a Roxette song! Jesus Fucking Scandinavian Grammatically Wrong Bad Fucking Songs That Are Fucking Popular Amongst Limited Users Christ!!!

New theme. If only it were two-column!

I intend to keep it for some time. At least until I feel I need to show people my blog stats and blogroll again. (For the record, it’s around 18,300 hits. <sarcasm> Wow! </sarcasm>

I wrote 2 drafts. Started off well, but lost the plot somewhere in the middle. Thought up of a short story while walking from Atta Market to sector-50. Now that I’m here, I can’t type crud. I need a voice to text recorder in my mp3 player that will convert everything I say into an OpenOffice document. Nimish! Get working!

Btw, CP late at night with the lights on and no-one around is an enchanting sight.


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6 responses to “He’s got the look

  1. You really want to mess with me when I’ve been listening to Kid A and Amnesiac?

    “There are two two colors in my head…”

  2. So, should I wait for you to start listening to Pablo Honey before I mess with you?

    “Oi! I’m gonna thump you, muthafucka!”
    “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ve been listening to Amnesiac!”
    “Whoa! Sorry man. Don’t know what happened to me. No hard feelings, bro?”

  3. But the question is – how did you get back?

    “Started off well, but lost the plot somewhere in the middle.”

    Welcome to the club !!

    If run into the ‘device’ – pass it on !!

  4. The new-est look, don’t look good to me. However, it is simple, and that is a saving grace.

  5. By the by – the song is – “She’s got the look”

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