V for…

Hindi in English. So, it has come to this…

Bolo bacchon, Bhi ijh phaar…

Vendetta: One of my favorite graphic novels (and a good movie too!). But more importantly, a vendetta against a whole lotta miserably pointless things. *hrunnkkk* No! Not now! *gaarhhh* Must… Control… SNAP! *yaaarrrggghhhh!!!* MUST! DESTROY! “COLLEGE”! ABOUT! BURN! SLAY! REVENGE! BURN! (Oi! We heard you the first time!) DESTROY “COLLEGE”! DESTROY IT NOW! Sorry about that. But apart from that, I’m also on a Vendetta against Ayn Rand followers. I already have been against A. Rand for quite some time, but it’s now time that her loyal fans get what they deserve. (Does not include everyone who reads or is even stupid enough to like her books. I mean her followers. Her legions of loyal subjects, the filth of the earth!)

Vaark: Have too much work to complete. And there seems to be no point as I’m probably going to get debarred from giving ANY exam this semester. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

Visdom: Something I need and am probably in the process of acquiring. The hard way.

Ventilation: The heat! The unbearable, miserable, annoying, energy-sapping, soul-crushing, sweat-inducing, requires-repeated-bathing-to-overcome heat! And the mosquitoes, they feast on me. (Yes, yes… I’m from Bangalore. Koramangala to boot. But we can take precautions there. None here! There is no escape)

Vending Machines: Will make life a whole lot easier at college. Or make it far worse than it is currently.

Verse: This post is far worse than I ever expected it would be. Trust me, it hurt me more to write it than it does to you while reading.

  • Th-th-th-th-That’s all, Folks!

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    4 responses to “V for…

    1. I din read this before… I was talking aboot yer last one, boy!

    2. The post isn’t bad, for one reason…

      I hate Ayn Rand.

      I wrote that once in my orkut profile, imagine the next day and its ‘intellectual debates’ in college.

      The strangest thing about the Rand phenomenon is that her most rabid defenders don’t have a clue what existentialism is supposed to be all about.

    3. AG- Run!!! Run away from the A. Rand apologists before it’s too late.

    4. Happy Budday, Boi! 🙂

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