Do Good Things Happen? Really?

I’ve been asking myself this question over and over again. For the last time, I’m not freaked out, I just find good things happening to me to be… unreal.

So, when good things do happen, my immediate reaction tends to be: Really? I mean, are you serious?

But I’m trying to change. I may be paranoid, but I am no… (stop quoting this line)

But things seem to be returning to normal. I’m typing this in a subterranean reliance webworld outlet without an A/C in 40C heat and songs from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom playing loudly and over and over and over again!

For a minute there, I thought my life was imitating OK Computer. But now I think that if it is, it’s a quasi-static process.

Will post more if and when I get a net connection or at least after I fix up my computer.


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4 responses to “Do Good Things Happen? Really?

  1. Shut up and enjoy it. You’ve got the perfect setup, you’re on form in blogging and you’ll be back quizzing soon – what more do you want out of life?

    And stop forcing every Radiohead metaphor out.

    a. It’s stupid to look for connections and then jump saying, “There it is!”
    and b. It’s my job.

    I expect a treat from you now.

  2. I know precisely what its like, the last three weeks I’ve been seriously considering the possibility of everything being a great big “you’ve been had” jokes..

    Btw to remind everyone, I’m currently more happy than popeye the sailor in an alternate reality filled with spinach

  3. I’ll make a movie out of this – The Paranoid, The Monumentally Tired, and The Smugly.

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