I have a desktop! Sorry…sorry… a dekstop. (up your’s Dilli!)

2GB RAM (Corsair), Asus 7100 Motherboard, AMD Athlon X2 Processor, 17 inch CRT Monitor (Samsung), Microsoft XP Professional (I’m planning to put up a “NO VISTA ALLOWED” sticker on my CPU case). No office suite or internet connection, yet. Doubt if I’ll get the latter. Thinking of downloading OpenOffice for the former (up your’s Microsoft!)

So, what am I doing on my new desktop  dekstop? Nothing useful really. (Up your’s anyone doing useful things on their PCs!)

I don’t have much to say right now. Except that I’m oddly calm. Listening to Honey Singh. Thinking of writing a review of that song. I actually like it! (up your’s… er… anyone who thinks I shouldn’t!)

So… wow… you guys expect me to say something profound or funny or absurd or meaningful… OK… err… Stirling engines are External Continuous Combustion types as opposed to normal (such as Diesel or SI) engines which are Internal Intermittent Combustion types. The fact that it’s a thermodynamic cycle that can provide the theoretically maximum value of efficiency (along with the Carnot cycle), but also practically feasible and cheaper makes it an ideal model for future engines. As of now, the Glenn Space Research Center at NASA is trying to develop a Deep-Space Propulsion System based on the Stirling Cycle. (STG’s they call them – Stirling Thermionic Generators). (Up your’s RTG Technology!)

There. Phew! The burdens of expectation!

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One response to “I CAN HAZ DEKSTOP?

  1. Deskpot’s gewd and kewl dewd. (That’s mumbhaiyya talk for ye)

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