Presentation Advice

For once, solicited advice from others as opposed to the solicited version from me!

The header image has come in for some well-deserved criticism. The alternative, I didn’t fancy. So, I’m choosing between a photo of a primordial black hole or a computer reconstruction of particle tracks, originating from the simulated decay of a Higgs-boson from the Max Planck Institute. (No problems, Herrs?)

And here’s a neat little thingie in a field I absolutely despise… organic chemistry.

I’m open to suggestions for any further changes.


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7 responses to “Presentation Advice

  1. Try the NASA IMAGE OF THE DAY. (Google for it – I’m tired of linking people.)

  2. The molecule THF… poignant. Absurd.

    Poignantly absurd.


    Hey change the tooltip for me blog’s link willya?

  3. I have been silently observing your pathetic attempts at making your respective blogs look better.

    Know don’t give me the lame excuse that – “You see that is the whole point, it is not for style?” Yeah RIGHT !!

    Harish – your blog looks like a classroom notebook. The image, lets not go there.

    But hey, if you like, you keep it – I guess I will have to let it grow on me.

  4. DK. Stop cribbing. At least we want to make our blaugh look better. Unlike ‘some’ people.

    Harish. This is less ugly. But still so ugly that the designer of this nice theme just committed hara-kiri. And I don’t mean seppuku.

  5. @nimish

    using japanese themed jokes… now I’ve seen everything


    the new one is an eyesore. Can’t you get a green theme?

  6. I was doing the hara kiri joke way before you came along.
    Here’s a new twist to it.

    “You have failed me.”

    Go suck a neutron star!

  7. @Harish

    “the path of the wannabe-bushido is ….”[sic]

    It should be

    “the path of the wannabe-bushidoist is…”

    ‘wannabe-bushido’??? 😉 What is that?

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