Ladies And Gentlemen: Part II

Everyone and their mom has probably figured this out by now… so, just to make it official

Nye nye nye nye nyeeee nyeeah! Hahahaha Haaa Ha!

Of course you knew it was a prank all along, didn’t you? Sure you did!


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6 responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen: Part II

  1. I’ll be honest, I didn’t.

  2. I’ll be honest too. Guha you emotional fool !!

  3. I’ll be honest again. I fell for it too.

    Mr. Alathumpy, as for other people loving you for the way you are, I take it back !! Oh, yes I do !!

    Look, up the sky, its a bird, a plane, no its an asshole – oh, just THF defying gravity thanks to his intellectual flatulence.

  4. You know, I thought you were a bit, no a lot, wiser Harish.

    It may sound gratuitous but avoid tempting fate.

  5. Learn to appreciate a joke made at your expense, bastards.
    There may be a place to be polite and considerate of other people’s feelings, but the internet, blogosphere and friaandship are not these places.
    Now you’ll probably get all offended for calling you’ll bastards. Good Lord!

  6. Hey what did a certain THF say about comment wars?


    Now then, shouldn’t we all be happy that we’ve got friends on whom we can dump utter and absolute scatological matter and still know that we still are friends?

    Now that saheebs, is something to keep alive.

    Old whiners in new comment threads.

    Seeing the threads that hold the world together is not even close to the fun of cross-connecting the wires. 😀

    Next commenter should employ the words quantum, physiology, spatula, interim and geranium. And should be about American Politics and not mention any of the other commenters on the thread. Or “then” you shall know what it is to tempt fate. (Seriously, Fate gets irritated by this. She’s very sensitive girl you know.)

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