Return of the Dragon

As usual, the post title is not merely what it seems. It’s as deep as… something that’s not very deep, but looks shallower than it is, but is, in fact…

Screw it! It’s a reference.

Am back from my hiatus in the Himalayas. I cannot and will not go in Xtreme! to detail as to what happened. Just these notes:

  • Kinnaur distrit in Himachal Pradesh is beautiful. We were the ONLY tourists there. There’s no feeling that can possible match up to the one you get as the ONLY tourists in a place that beautiful.
  • I got trapped in around six feet of snow. To everyone’s disappointment, I made it out alive with only a frozen arse.
  • Manali is OK. Solang Valley is fun. Rohtang Pass is still blocked and hence, so is Lahul-Spiti.
  • I couldn’t bear more than half-an-hour of Shimla. *shudders* Terrible. Terrible place.
  • I found Chandigarh to be an irresistibly funny place. It’s like a wannabe-city. It’s trying very hard to become Delhi, but… it’s just a wannabe.
  • My mind is empty. I thought a lot and came to no conclusions whatsoever. However, it is true: there is something about the mountains that calms you down and allows you to think clearly.

Came back to Delhi and was greeted by burning eyes, a blocked nose and a sore throat. It was an impulsive journey. We barely knew what our plan for the coming day was and just wandered.

Not really into blogging right now. Am quite busy these days (gasp!). My desktop dreams might crash again.

So, how have you guys been?


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4 responses to “Return of the Dragon

  1. Venom

    Welcome back ,ma boi!

  2. Welcome back!!!

    Yes, I completely agree with you…Chandigarh is a very wannabe city and so are the people there.
    Shimla is so over crowded and so, overhyped.

  3. Born in the year of the dragon? I know one thing for sure, that you can never be sure – even the most fundamental particle has a night-life and different meaning to different people.

    Southie in the hills !! I wonder how you handled the cold !!

    I don’t think you have the right to pick on Chandigarh, not after one visit. It looks increasingly fake, plastic and chanel and all of that, but it has its moments. Pick on the people, the present lot, the city is its people.

    While you were gone ..

    1. I discovered an enormously talented band hidden by the bright lights of the 60s maybe, or by our music choices which depend upon the alpha listeners.

    2. Won a debate ! with Guha !

    3. Met some interesting people.

    4. The usual ..

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