What I’ve Done!

Minors coming up… and I’ve done absolutely nothing!

I should’ve learnt my lesson earlier, but NOOOO! I’m too smart! I can handle it! I’m a regular fucking genius, I am! And now… I’m fucked. FUCKED, I TELL YOU!!!

Enough blogging. I’m running away. No posts till the 29th and after that… I’m off to Manali and if possible, Lahul-Spiti. So, screw you guys… I’m gonna try to study. Until then, here’s something to pass the time.



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7 responses to “What I’ve Done!

  1. dood.
    iLike blog yours 😛
    and allthe best for minors or whatever i just commented cause MY finals are on and i know just what you said about you being a genius and haha that sounds so me that it isnt even funny wait this comment is getting toolong okbye.

  2. and also because i didnt want to be one ofthem damned silentreaders who comment not. im into much damnedness already,ysee.

  3. o.(0)

    Mr Bond, you leave me with no choice.

    Plus you *are* an irregular genius. NOT regular.

    Don’t worry. Displaced perception theory guides us in exams. Relaxed people get more marks. Tensed up people study more. Like comedy, the real skill is in the timing.

    Everything in it’s right place.

  4. @ Weevil girl:
    Spared from further damnations, you are. All the beast (sic.) for the finals.

    @ Nimish Batra:
    I am irregular. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Thanks for advice, will not panic.


    Mostly Everything In Its Right Place. Mostly.

  5. Advice/ That’s all I have.

    Advice, ads and vices.


    Anywhey. I could pull your leg right now, but you need to remain simple for papers.

    Blogging helps take some stress off, commenting puts it back on in exam days – for me at least it used to.

    And I can’t believe you repeated that spelling mistake of mine. I was hoping to make a point, forgot what it was, then forgot to edit it back. Sheesh.

    (@weevil. Seriously. THF doesn’t sleep – he waits.)

  6. And I can’t believe you repeated that spelling mistake of mine.

    What spelling mistake? There is no spelling mistake? Please step this way, sir. Resistance is useless!


  7. Sin City. I saw the name “Weevil” in Sin City’s first series.

    @Harish. Is Frank Miller connected to the guide? A fan perhaps?

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