Not quite “Kareena”

Tatoo! I have a tatoo! No, wait! I have a tattoo! Well, sort of.

I remembered always wanting to get one made, but postponing it. In 5th standard, it was “When I’m in 10th. Definitely!” In 10th, it became “When I’m in 12th. Definitely!” In 12th, “When I’m in college. Definitely!” Well, I believe that the time has come! I was always hesitant because… well, I didn’t want to have one and then regret it later. Plus, hygiene and safety are not exactly #1 on the list of priorities at most Indian tattoo parlors. (Their #1 priority is convincing hot babes to get a tattoo done in their nether regions so that these guys can get some puerile pleasure). But the roommates hath saved me arse!

Ashwin’s getting sponsorships for the AIBS Fest. One of these sponsors includes a tattoo parlor in Nyodda. As a “contact” for this parlor, he gets free tattoos, which means I get a free tattoo! Maybe not a permanent one just yet, but at least a temporary one. “Cogito Ergo Sum” on my left forearm ought to do. I had to choose between that and “Sitio“. Everyone thought I’ll go for a “42”, but there’s a difference between being a fan and an asshole. I might excel at the latter, but I guess I better stick to the former. For the time being, at least.


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2 responses to “Not quite “Kareena”

  1. Everyone thought I’ll go for a “42″, but there’s a difference between being a fan…

    Wasn’t there this dude who changed his name to “Forty Two” ?

  2. Right – love (check), drunk (check), smokey (check), tattoo (check) – It is not an exhaustive list, you fill in the blanks.

    Cogito Ergo Sum .. nice .. So to come to that conclusion you required a porous forearm / arm / .

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