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If I ever write a book, I’ve decided what I’m going to call it:

A Philosophysicist In The Proletariat by Harish Alagappa


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Pan. de. Mon. Ium

Did you hear something?


Something in the last post? Something went “WHOP!”

Oh no…

They’re here! The homicidal robots from Krikkit!!!

*take gaurd*


*cov. er. drive*


*how. zat*


*change. in. bat. ting. or. der*


*end. of. inn. nings*

Wh-where are they going?

I… I don’t know.

Aboard the Krikkit Spaceship
*new. of. fer. from. b. c. c. i.*

Meanwhile, somewhere in Mumbai…

And now the auction for the robots from Krikkit! The base price is 42 crore rupees…


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What I’ve Done!

Minors coming up… and I’ve done absolutely nothing!

I should’ve learnt my lesson earlier, but NOOOO! I’m too smart! I can handle it! I’m a regular fucking genius, I am! And now… I’m fucked. FUCKED, I TELL YOU!!!

Enough blogging. I’m running away. No posts till the 29th and after that… I’m off to Manali and if possible, Lahul-Spiti. So, screw you guys… I’m gonna try to study. Until then, here’s something to pass the time.



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No longer wound up like a spring

It’s acceptable to have a song stuck in your head… but a video???

Here’re the lyrics for the song, if you want them.


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Not quite “Kareena”

Tatoo! I have a tatoo! No, wait! I have a tattoo! Well, sort of.

I remembered always wanting to get one made, but postponing it. In 5th standard, it was “When I’m in 10th. Definitely!” In 10th, it became “When I’m in 12th. Definitely!” In 12th, “When I’m in college. Definitely!” Well, I believe that the time has come! I was always hesitant because… well, I didn’t want to have one and then regret it later. Plus, hygiene and safety are not exactly #1 on the list of priorities at most Indian tattoo parlors. (Their #1 priority is convincing hot babes to get a tattoo done in their nether regions so that these guys can get some puerile pleasure). But the roommates hath saved me arse!

Ashwin’s getting sponsorships for the AIBS Fest. One of these sponsors includes a tattoo parlor in Nyodda. As a “contact” for this parlor, he gets free tattoos, which means I get a free tattoo! Maybe not a permanent one just yet, but at least a temporary one. “Cogito Ergo Sum” on my left forearm ought to do. I had to choose between that and “Sitio“. Everyone thought I’ll go for a “42”, but there’s a difference between being a fan and an asshole. I might excel at the latter, but I guess I better stick to the former. For the time being, at least.


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Stephen’s, Satanism and Cycling

I heard Coldplay again!!!

Three days of non-stop travel, quizzing, speaking and cycling!

Thursday. NIFT. For the first time in my second year, I did not qualify for a quiz held at a college fest (IMS doesn’t count!) It was a very strange prelim round and a stranger quiz (one word explanation: Parnab). Expect the blokes at The NSIT Quiz Club have it reviewed and done with. I did have a good time though, which was unexpected. My first impression of NIFT was… for a premier institute, this place is small! However, I found the crowd to be an eclectic mix of eccentric people who oddly have an extraordinary level of tolerance towards me. I actually saw a street play and choreography competition. The choreography thing was… strange. The dance drama, or whatever it’s called, by the home college was something that required hueblos to perform and I doubt if most colleges in this conservative land of ours would’ve allowed it.

Saturday. St. Stephen’s. An error was made. I thought the debate was on saturday. Turns out it was on friday and I missed it. Missed the deadline for the Paper Presentation too. Damnations! There was a Science JAM, though, which I duly won. More importantly, the DMRC allows you to rent cycles at ten bucks for four hours to roam around DU which is precisely what I did. There are things which other people might be embarressed to do. Being 6 ft 2 inches tall and riding a cycle might be one of those things. But there I was, enjoying the breeze, the foliage and whatever sunshine that managed to break through it whilst listening to Coldplay. Yes! I can listen to Coldplay again!

Sunday. Stephen’s again.  Science quiz. Very little physics, which pissed me off. Managed a respectable 2nd (again!) thanks to some super-connects courtesy Jaideep Shankar Jagannathan of NSIT. This was followed by more DU exploration on the two-wheeled man-powered vehicle and an “Absurd Theory” competition, where I made up a last minute presentation on my theory that ‘St. Stephen’s College is satanic’. I used the arguments regarding the five-pointed star logo and showed that an anagram of the bus stop sign that reads ‘Saint Stephan’ is in fact, ‘Satan n his pet’. 2nd place. Not bad, seeng that I lost to teams that had been preparing and gave Powerpoint Presentations while all I used was a whiteboard. Yes! I can lecture! The prize money for these exploits was just about enough to pay Bhasin off, so no profits in hand. “Science students don’t care about money, it’s the thrill of discovery and the thirst for knowledge that drives them.” I hate that stupid belief. I need money, you bastards!

And I have college to attend now. Great!

IIT-Delhi’s having ‘Literati’, which includes a play and song writing competitions. Interesting…

Oh, btw. I think I’m telekinetic or telepathic or something. Reason: I has this strange sensation of a Euphoria song playing in my head when the band was actually performing elsewhere. Now, was the song the same? Hmm… I wonder.


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Human Behavior-101, Please?

cryp·tic [krip-tik]


1. mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous: a cryptic message.
2. abrupt; terse; short: a cryptic note.
3. secret; occult: a cryptic writing.
4. involving or using cipher, code, etc.

[Origin: 1595–1605; < LL crypticus < Gk kryptikós hidden.]

cryp·ti·cal·ly, adverb
1. enigmatic, perplexing. See ambiguous.
Why is it that I find everything that was said to me today comes under this category? Am I just too paranoid? Or do I need to be constantly reassured? It was a surreal day. Just, totally surreal. Maybe… I don’t know, man! I. Just. Don’t. Know.
Don’t “give me a sign”. I’m bad at dealing with people. I’m blunt and everything simply because I do not understand any other way of communicating.
The primary thought that’s playing in my head right now is… “Is this a joke of some sort? Am I on candid camera? Am I being made a bakra / punk’d?
I need a human behavior-101 course. Don’t say that we already get them at my university. They “teach” us how to behave with others, not how to interpret other people’s behavior. I’m a confused, paranoid mess.
And, yes, NIFT is not half as bad as I’d thought it would be. Nice place, great people.

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