Maybe Alagappa Does The Astro?

Maybe Tesla does the astro
Maybe Tesla does the astro
Maybe Edison is AC/DC

Maybe Amity does the Astro? It does. It does. The Astro(il-)logy. It is, as it’s name so succintly points out, a highly (il-)logical “science”. But it appears that the latest fad that’s caught the imagination of the (now complete and spiffy, niffy and really neat looking) E-block, Amity University is the book “Love Signs” by Linda Lovelace Goodman.

It’s sad to watch those poor misguided souls, who actually expect that they’re “Engineers-in-the-making”, poring over the book with the kind of determination they’re supposed to read… naw, that’s too obvious. Just looking at the condition of the book tells you how popular it is. It’s as fat as a Bible, and is treated with the same amount of reverence. The pages are dog-eared and loose from X-Treme! overusage. And when my …if I call them friaaands once more they’ll kill me or worse, stop lending me money; wait! I know… And when my F dot R dot I dot ( 😀 ) started reading about MY prospects, well you know what’s to come. (These are the same people who have vowed to ensure that I do not spoil my kids, if I ever have any and also made me a profile!)

So, what does Linda Lovelace Goodman have to say about me? According to the highly (il-)logical “science”; Me -a Taurean (full of Bullshit)- will ideally be suited best with a number 7 Virgo or Capricorn with whom I share a 5-9 combination. I have no fucking idea what this means, seriously. So, I’ll enjoy a great relationship with a virgin who plays Right Midfield? (the usual position of a no.7 jersey) Or an all-rounder / wicketkeeper? (the usual profile of a no.7 bats(wo)man). Or do I have to lookout for the seventh child/daughter of the seventh son, born on the seventh day of the seventh month in seventeen seventy seven? Or will she be as big as a Boeing 777?

Let him who hath understanding
reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number
its number is SEVEN???

On another note, I apparently share a very vibrant sexual chemistry with Sagittarians! 😯 Right.

And now for something, almost, but not quite completely different.

Eeeeeh, Didja ever get the feeling you was being watched?

Yes. Yes I did. Today, actually. The Proliferation of Fashion Part-3 is not complete because the ending is yet to occur. But this will find a mention in it, whenever it comes out. As stated before, the department that’s located right next to the Institute of Aerospace Engineering is… Fashion Technology! (They’re everywhere, I tells ya!). And from there cometh this very cute looking girl who seemed to be everywhere I was today.

I bumped into her at the stairs, stood behind her in the queue at the cafeteria (Stephenian snobbery right here!) and sat in the table next to her’s after collecting my coffee and glucose biscuits (ummm… glucose biscuits!). After ingesting the said items I walked out and then thought I had forgotten my cellphone at the table, so I turned around and again bumped into her whilst she was leaving the cafeteria. She was in the queue AGAIN during lunch and AGAIN, I bumped into her at the stairs, this time in a completely different part of the campus!

I swear I’m not following her! But this is freaky. I mean, what’s a cute girl doing following me around college? This makes no sense. Something’s up. I wonder who’s she’s working for… the CIA, ISI, LeT… Cute girls do not follow me around all day. They do the complete opposite. As Thom says,

When I am king, you will be first against the wall
with your opinion which is of no consequence at all
What’s there…? (I may be paranoid, but no android)
What’s there…? (I may be paranoid, but no android)

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One response to “Maybe Alagappa Does The Astro?

  1. What’s the world coming to? Cute girls so desperate that they’re following YOU around?

    Or maybe she thinks a lot about people’s names? “a-la-gappa-(n)”??

    Or maybe she’s found out she’s a virgo number 7 and wants to… you know… hit you on the face for making blogposts insulting to Amity?

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