The Babe Wore Red

What is it about some women? The one-in-a-million kind, who make your head go light and your mouth go dry and your heart climb up your throat? It’s not just their looks, it’s something else-something you can feel from across the room.Whatever it is, this babe has it in spades.

The description of me provided by the “good folks” at the NSIT Quiz Club is that I am “(…) Averse to losing (…)”. That’s kinda true. So, when it came to pass that I did lose and had to admit that I was wrong, and worse, had to admit that the roommate also referred to as “BITCH!” was right… It wasn’t something that made me happy. It was, however, because of something that made me happy that I had to throw in the towel. Listening to my brand new MP3 player… I had The White Stripes’ 2003 album, “Elephant” on. Everyone and their mom have heard the first single off this album. Dum da dum dum dum dummmm dummmm, the most distinctive bass riff of this century that in fact, comes from a semi-acoustic guitar.

Digression warning: However, most people don’t know anything else about this album. Alright, how’s this: For once, the academy was right. For once, I’ll agree that Radiohead deserved to lose. If you ask me, there are only two Radiohead albums that shouldn’t’ve won the “Best Alternative Album” Grammy, as opposed to the only two that have won. Amnesiac didn’t deserve to win. ‘’White Blood Cells” (which wasn’t even nominated!) is better, though you can’t compare an album that’s Led Zep meets Indie rock with Amnesiac, which is… Experimental, Electronic, Alternative, Techno, New Age, Jazz and everything else you can imagine all distorted using an array of electronic instruments, including the aptly named Kaoss Pad.
“Elephant” won ‘Best Alternative Album’ (beating Radiohead’s ”Hail To The Theif”) and ‘Best Rock Song’.

Now, the grand new conclusion I have arrived at which as stated, my roommate arrived to before me, is that Meg White is hot. Yes, goddam it! She is! There! You happy now! But how did I come to this conclusion? Simple. The fifth song of “Elephant”: ‘In The Cold, Cold Night’. I was sitting in my cafeteria, about to drink my coffee when this song started. I was mesmerized (and I’m not sure I wasn’t drooling too). Taking advantage of this, my *ahem, “friaands”, switched my coffee with a cup of tea (which is blasphemy on its own) which they had saturated with sodium chloride. But I didn’t care. Meg White singing, “Come to me again in the cold, cold night” was making me think about going to Detroit in the cold, cold night.

Of course, Meg is not quite ‘A Dame To Kill For’. That’s title goes to the one I fell for whilst in Bangalore. Sure, we weren’t together, but since when has space or time become a barrier? Modern technology did come to our aid in the end. Sitting late at night, using the power of the internet and the beauty, charm, grace, effortless efficiency and smooth processing of an Apple MacBook Pro coupled with the speed of modern broadband connections in getting to know her better, falling for her every step of the way, waiting for the first chance I’ll get to have her all for myself.

Yes, babe, I’m talking about you.


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5 responses to “The Babe Wore Red

  1. s

    ahem ahem!!

    u just very nicely put me in the FRIAANDS category!!……..explain!!

  2. @ DD:
    I actually copied that expecting a “You plagiarized from Frank Miller! Why you li’l…”. Didn’t know you’d beaten me to the chase.

    @ sss:
    That was a mean and despicable trick! You guys drank my coffee! How could you! “Ingratitude more strong than thy traitor’s arms (…) burst his mighty heart”.

  3. I glanced at this post yesterday – saw the ‘And the babe wore red bit’ and felt a sense of Deja Vu.

    Read the post today, the first thought that came to mind was – I saw this on Deba’s (If I may call you that) blog for a certain slightly cute Smriti Rao.

    Frank Miller they say you are a genius. I will find out as soon as Algy finds the time to be generous to his friends and pass on some books.

    Next time, link things like ‘Kaoss Pad’. I did not quite like ‘Seven Nation Army’ initially – but it did grow on me. Still know nothing about the ‘great achievements’ of the ‘Radioheadiots’.

    There is a Meg White sex tape somewhere on the net according to the Image Search on ‘that’ search engine. More frothy liquids.

    As for her, GET IN LINE BUSTER !!

    Algy’s touch seems to be on its way back.

  4. As I’ve said before, I was unaware of the said post by DD-jee a.k.a. Deba a.k.a. Time.

    Smriti Rao may be cute, but Nidhi Razdan is my personal favorite.

    @DK (Donkey Kong?):
    I’m giving you the ENTIRE Sin City Collection plus those movies you haven’t seen and THAT documentary on the fine art of… dot dot dot

    The great achievements of the Radioheadiots… none really. Except for being the best band since Led Zeppelin, and producing great music for the last fifteen years consecutively. In a variety of genres. In fact, Radiohead has no genre. They are a genre. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Coldplay is a Radiohead tribute band.

    The Meg White Sex Tape has officially been refuted by the band and apparently, the people who made it. Is it an addition to your *ahem* collection? My Porn Quotient is woeful by Engg student standards, sorry. 😦

    As for her… I thought you’re crazy about her or even this one!

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