Please don’t kill me for this! Please?

This is another really bad joke brought to you by… THF/Gappa/Algy/Ala-insert insult here-/Me,

Forrest Gump meets Brokeback Mountain…

“Oh, Forrest! Where d’you want it, big boy?”

“In the buttocks, sir”

By the way, I’m listening to Metallica’s ‘Fade To Black’. Seeing that I’m already black… does that mean I’m fading? Or will I ‘Fade To White’? I’m da hommie from da hood ya’ll! All da beyaatches r in ma cribs, motherfuckers! Yeah… yeah..

Please don’t kill me. I know. But I had to! It was too good bad to resist.

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One response to “Please don’t kill me for this! Please?

  1. At ‘academic circles’ in West Delhi – people have begun counting the number of ‘bad’ jokes I crack. Of course there is a flip side – after 100 – I unleashed a few (one to three) jokes which has resulted in Medical Insurance being sold like hot cakes here.

    Weren’t you listening to ‘White Stripes’ recently ? Algy is officially a ‘Zebra Crossing’ now !!

    P.s. – This message is purely coincidental will natural skin tones, racist overtones were not an intended implication.

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