The News…

I’ve stopped watching TV news entirely. Print is the only way out. How bad are Indian TV News Channels? Let’s say that this post. This very one, the one you’re reading is more relevant than the crap that comes on the said networks.

So, the news:

  1. I have an MP3 Player! I have an MP3 Player! 😀 It’s a 1GB Creative MuVo V100.
  2. My mood right now can be encapsulated very simply by this poem.
  3. I have been Knighted! I know DK came up with this first, but since all the (on an average, around an hour long) conversations I have with him and TBB come under the Creative Commons License, I am allowed to steal borrow it. A new semester, new professors and they demand an introduction. The trick lies in pausing at the right place. So, a simple statement, with a pause in the right place ensured that my introduction goes like, “My name is <pause> Sir, (a comma for grammar’s sake, but ignored whilst speaking) Harish”.
  4. The Proliferation of Fashion part – 3 will take some time. My muse is apparently quite busy these days and cannot bear to strike me as often as she does.

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