The Proliferation of Fashion Part – 2

I always thought fashion was a waste of time. An over-rated, blown-out-of-proportion, meaningless scourge on the face of the planet. Fashion was jobless elitist, snobbish, ignoramuses from society exerting their stupid will on a necessity. We need to wear clothes, agreed (why couldn’t you make exceptions for Jessica Alba? Why? WHY?), but to say that this way of wearing something is somehow inherently inferior to that way of wearing it seemed to reek of authoritative ignorance. I always thought people who’re into fashion were:

  1. Stupid
  2. Arrogant 
  3. Elitist 
  4. Snobs
  5. Stupid (Did I say that twice?) 
  6. Not-in-touch with reality 
  7. People who are incapable of doing anything else
  8. A bunch of self-righteous, annoying pricks
  9. If a guy, Gay.
  10. If a girl, Hot.

The change began with my trip to Bangalore at the end of my first year. I spent a month with my cousin sister and her husband. Here’s something bout their backgrounds: My cousin sister did a Post-Graduate course in Knitwear from NIFT and is currently working in the Retail sector (?). She earns quite well (the minor hitch that she doesn’t know how to drive didn’t stop her from buying herself a Chevrolet Aveo) and enjoys a yuppie lifestyle of not “eating food” at a restaurant, but “experiencing cuisine”. She buys herself a pair of Jeans for over two grand, which is cool by me, only why the hell did you have to take ME along during your shopping expedition? Expedition. That’s precisely what it was. But the flip-side of all this fun is that she works her backside off. I’m sometime scared to go near her when she’s in one of her tense-because-of-work moods. I may be atheist, but what the hell!

Dear God,

Please don’t give a job like that. Please? Pretty Please?



Her husband is easily one of the coolest people I know. Also a graduate from NIFT, he did a Master’s Degree in Design(?) from Amrika and has an Apple MacBook Pro. The MacBook is easily the sexiest thing ever manufactured. Sleek and stylish to look at and it runs like a charm thanks to a superior OS. (I hate Windows even more after having used OS X for a month). The only drawback was the lack of a DVD-drive, but the sheer ease with which I could use the MacBook more than made up for it. It also has the best set of pre-loaded apps. I-Tunes, Stellarium et cetera, make it possible to start off right after you remove the packaging, as opposed to “Driver Download Week” that comes with Windows. Right. Where was I?


to be continued…

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