About Me ~ The People

More self-indulgence!

I decided to accumulate every single thing that has ever been said about me and that is available on the internet and put it into one place. To my horror, they were few and mostly terribly written. Mostly. But to my (pleasant?) surprise, they were all decidedly positive. Even the one from Nimish!

Due to this revelation, I have come to the conclusion that in order to: 1. Take my arrogant self-indulgent nature to new heights and 2. Inspire people to write creative as well as scientifically and artistically meritorious articles/testimonials/paragraphs that villify me or praise me further… I’ve put them up here! See the new page? Goody!

Note: If you don’t see the new page, I’m putting it up tonight. And read my posts a couple of hours after they come up while I re-write, spellcheck, fact-check, edit (a.k.a. worsen) and finally, give up on them.


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2 responses to “About Me ~ The People

  1. S.

    i absolutely hate the picture……..it actually scares me…………..pleeez help.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with my fellow baffian. Gory banner choice !! It reminds of something with – layers, hair, layers and er .. teeth ?? I don’t remember seeing teeth there, well can’t argue, never been there myself.


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