More Philsophical Muttering…

First and foremost…

A big THANK YOU to the person who inadvertently(?) led me down this path. Keep saying “Random Blah”.

Now that the end-sems are over… I may enjoy a week/month of fake pride before I see my result and wallow in self-pity. A seven-point something? An imaginative ion in a pathetic little college in Hauz Khas (you know, the one behind JNU and opposite MIS?) confused my end-sem exam syllabus with his class test syllabus. That, of course, was NMST, an easy subject. I guess our Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics syllabus was up to some standard. AND we have full-fledged Aerospace Engineering next sem, not the “Elements of AE” we just finished. Aerodynamics, Propulsion Systems, Structural Analysis, Metrology and MATLAB (or is that next year?). But where was I? Ah, yes. NMST. As I said, an easy subject. However, it annoys the hell out of me. I can’t study the damn thing, because I end up getting pissed off.


Simple. Some of the formulae we have to learn are  NOT BEAUTIFUL! This lead me to In Rainbows and 15 Step.

How Come I End Up Where I Always Started… How Come I End Up Where I Went Wrong?

How come indeed.

I was an insomniac ever since… birth?. I miss sitting alone in bed and just… thinking.

I used to think that questions about the “meaning of life” and the “quest for the purpose behind reason” et cetera were just pseudo-intellectual pieces of crap. The true questions which I elevated to Valhallic (neologism inventor, am I) proportions were stuff that looked like they came from a Stephen Hawking book (one of two of them actually did!). “Why are Relativistic Gravity and Quantum Mechanics Incompatible?”, “What was the origin of the universe?”, “What is the true nature of space, time and chaos?” et cetera. That kinda changed after some time. That’s because I realized that these were castles built on infirm foundations.

Et Cetera, et cetera. Facts for whatever.

But the word Random“… that got me thinking. Science is built on firm, logical reasoning. Randomness or Chaos (Random and Chaos are after all, the same person in different forms. Chaos results from Randomness and there is no such thing as a Random Cosmos) are not ideas that remain restricted to the realm of logical reasoning, but overlap into abstract thought.

Abstract thought is something that no-one has ever understood properly. However, it’s potential has never been tapped to its full limit. What we need is to somehow incorporate the essence of abstract thought and random-chaos into logical reasoning.

I have ideas, but nothing more…

Info-scions will shout “Thief!”. Hail to me, then… MUTHAFUCKA!

And as everybody’s favorite band from Oxforshire said…

Don’t get any big ideas. They’re not gonna happen

to be continued…


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6 responses to “More Philsophical Muttering…

  1. Jeebus Christ, you ARE a thief.

    That’s just taking Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, removing the Zen, the Motorcycle Maintenance, the complex story of the author’s struggle with himself, amd replacing “Quality” with “Random” and his search in rhetoric to your inane quest for true meaning of life.

    Here it is bucko.

    Chaos is not random.
    The universe is not random.
    All the pseudo-chaos you see has devolved from two things – the initial configuration of the u-ni-verse and the laws of physics, which in all probability mutate with time, if we believe New Scientist’s ramblings over the past half decade.
    And finally, Quantum Mech is NOT BLOODY RANDOM. It’s chaotic.
    That is to say it deals in probabilities. So “I don’t know about impossible, but it is very impobable” should make sense to you now.
    Or it always did but you never let US get a sense that you knew.

    Or you’re just using big words, putting them in an order that makes us believe that either you’re truly a stupid dumbass, or you just haven’t slept in a month.

    Hail to the thief, our physics-geek in chief.

    Sheesh. (And it was your “MUTHA”)

  2. You don’t know what I’m talking about… It’s to do with the Standard Model and the concept of elegance and beauty.
    Do you anything apart from the Copenhagen Interpretation?
    Probably not.
    And, as I’ve said before, it’s muttering. You just didn’t get it.
    I predicted nearly everything you just said.

    Or it always did but you never let US get a sense that you knew.

    Or you’re just using big words, putting them in an order that makes us believe that either you’re truly a stupid dumbass, or you just haven’t slept in a month.

    All of the above.

    DK said something about thee… if I agree, you know what kind of shit you’re in Info-sissy.

  3. One day, you’ll rise above petty insults.


    I’m an eternal optimist, given a chance.

  4. Hey! Imaginative Ion, eh? Nice way to put it, though… and I can appreciate it. But MIS? No Idea what it is…
    Those formulae… well they are terrible to mug up… just think how they came about, though and you might appreciate them… a change of perspective is all that might be needed.

  5. So is this book really that good ? I have my theory on Chaos and the Randomness of Chaos. That is it. Random describes Chaos. Random is may be well behaved. Chaos is not.

    Shut up !!


  6. “And you can shut up as well!”

    There’s a Guide quote for every situation.

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