Define the term “Funny” (barah number)

Try out Dinesh Kapur’s blog, ‘Epicenter’. He’s in good form right now.

And now, the post.

Why is one form of humor supposedly superior to another? I, for one, try to appreciate them all. Right from the subtle verbosity of Wodehouse, to the far-out puns of Douglas Adams and the clip I’m giving you.

Yes, ladies. Deep down inside, every Indian boy nodded his head in silent agreement when he saw this scene. We’re a one billion plus population, how do you think we got there?

Brilliant performance by Kal Penn.


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2 responses to “Define the term “Funny” (barah number)

  1. If this is DK’s purple patch, I’d hate to see when he’s in Barren County. We’d have to conduct a Scorched Earth to get rid of him.

    Want more cliches? Say something stupid. Go ahead. Make my day.

  2. Thats it, last straw !! All your personal details, bank account numbers, e-mail ids, phone numbers etc. etc. will be forwarded to ‘he who must not be named’ you infy-del. I will throw in some books from your book collection for good measure.

    Thank you Mr. Batra for the appreciation. Not appreciated.

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