Abstract Thinking? The Nature of? Tool-Time?

I cannot possibly name this post. Also, it’s incoherent babble. I need a voice-recorder.Was sitting in my bed and thinking about… well, thinking! I came across the following conclusions.

  • The nature of TRUE and meaningful thought is quite different from what we regard it to be. Even the most intelligent people (like me?) are in fact guilty of the crime of plagiarism. We peddle other people’s thoughts as our own to an unsuspecting audience. I’m still waiting for the day when somebody will come up to me and stop me mid-sentence and go, “That’s not your own! That’s from Socrates/Plato/Robert Pirsig/Douglas Adams et cetera.
  • The System against which I’m on a Vendetta. I realized that I can’t define it properly without contradicting myself. That’s because, like it or not, I’m a part of it and true definitions come from objective, outside observers. What I need is a Theory of Relativity for my mind. A philosophical version of it where a person can define a frame of reference which he is in and moving along with.
  • Philosophy: That branch of science which does not use mathematics.     
  • Science: That branch of philosophy that uses mathematics.
  • Mathematics: A tool used for rationalizing the thought process in terms of another tool known as numbers.
  • What differentiates one branch of study from another? It’s the tools they use. Tools such as mathematics, oratory, writing, painting, drawing, stitching, suspending belief et cetera.
  • How do I feel? Like Leonardo Da Vinci. I have the goddam Mona Lisa in mind but am not adept enough at handling the tools required for painting in order to use painting, another tool to represent it. Like Mozart. I have Die Zauberfloute ringing in my ears and cannot play any instrument.

Most people who read this blog know my identity and phone number. Meet me to truly understand what I’m trying to say. I am not adept enough at handling this tool to represent what’s going through my head. 


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5 responses to “Abstract Thinking? The Nature of? Tool-Time?

  1. DUDE, you’re not incoherent.

    You’re a fellow in his 20’s right? So you’re trying to find the meaning of meaning. That’s what we do in our 20s and 30s. Search for absolutes.

    I think you’re right that there’s no instrument on which to play the story of all music. But don’t stop trying, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. We will figure it out eventually. If we don’t kill ourselves first.

  2. 19 Years 7 Months 29 Days 20 Hours 35 Minutes

    I’ve decided that my search for absolutes will begin from figuring out the basics. Definitions of the obvious. As in science, in life, we deal with derived units which are well-defned with relation to fundamental units. Unlike science, however, the fundamental units used to define the derived units used to define life are unddefined and indeterminate. Maybe there’s a Heisenberg-esque limit to how accurately we can define these fundamental units, but as Chris Martin says (my philosophy for Alcohol and LSD):

    Until you try, you’ll never know

  3. See, this is how insane inanities in cliches are born. Some drunken monkey thinks them up, spews them in the wild. Some other LSD nut looks at them and goes (in a deadpan voice rising to hysteria): “He he! Funny.”

    Can’t touch this.

  4. You keep churning out old DNA quotes and Radiohead lines.

    Here’s something that RPF said to his colleagues…

    “It’s trivial! It’s trivial!”

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