Worst Exam Prep. EVER.

The layout of my (alright! OUR) room includes two balconies. A large one in front of it, where the three of us sit, our aching arses freezing in the winter cold, at midnight and indulge in long and pointedly inane conversations. There is also a smaller balcony, where you will find a collection of Bacardi and Smirnoff bottles. Empty bottles, that is. In my cupboard, there is a diet coke bottle that has a seemingly harmless, lightish brown colored liquid in it. In reality, we are ourselves unsure of what is in it (rum+vodka+???…) and are too scared to drink it. We are also saving it for exam results day.

Analog Electronics. A joke. Wish I could’ve scored more. If ever there was a paper with 90% written all over it, where getting an A+ was merely a matter of putting pen to paper, this was it. Damn. Elements of Aerospace Engineering tomorrow. Easy enough. Three days off after that. Then four exams in a row. All tough ones. Mechanics of Solids, Applied Mathematics, Mechanics of Fluids, Applied Physics. All right, three tough ones. OK?

I’m giving Radiohead and Led Zeppelin a bit of a rest right now. Still haven’t got the guts to go back to Coldplay (there are excellent reasons for this). Listening to ‘Jefferson Airplane’ and still listening to ‘The White Stripes’. Especially their earlier works (De Stilj, White Blood Cells etc.)

Also I still haven’t found the movie I’m looking for. It’s bloody rare and yet…

More madness with roommates:

  • “Say what again! I Dare You! I Double Dare You Motherfucker!”
  • A twist competition to the song “Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry. Don’t ask who wins. We’re watching too much of this movie.
  • Lying in our respective beds, it’s 3 A.M. and there’s not a sound in the room. Eventually, one of us is going to moan in a suggestive manner. The others copy suit. It’s our tribute to Catch-22.
  • I get up from my chair and wear my jacket. Roommate#1: “So, you going to H*** ***s?” Me: “It’s cold. I want to wear my jacket.” Roommate#2: “So, you’re going to H*** ***s?” Me:NO”  Am I THAT predictable?

We have exams. What am I doing? Arrgghhhh! Study, goddam it! TIMMAH!

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