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More Philsophical Muttering…

First and foremost…

A big THANK YOU to the person who inadvertently(?) led me down this path. Keep saying “Random Blah”.

Now that the end-sems are over… I may enjoy a week/month of fake pride before I see my result and wallow in self-pity. A seven-point something? An imaginative ion in a pathetic little college in Hauz Khas (you know, the one behind JNU and opposite MIS?) confused my end-sem exam syllabus with his class test syllabus. That, of course, was NMST, an easy subject. I guess our Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics syllabus was up to some standard. AND we have full-fledged Aerospace Engineering next sem, not the “Elements of AE” we just finished. Aerodynamics, Propulsion Systems, Structural Analysis, Metrology and MATLAB (or is that next year?). But where was I? Ah, yes. NMST. As I said, an easy subject. However, it annoys the hell out of me. I can’t study the damn thing, because I end up getting pissed off.


Simple. Some of the formulae we have to learn are  NOT BEAUTIFUL! This lead me to In Rainbows and 15 Step.

How Come I End Up Where I Always Started… How Come I End Up Where I Went Wrong?

How come indeed.

I was an insomniac ever since… birth?. I miss sitting alone in bed and just… thinking.

I used to think that questions about the “meaning of life” and the “quest for the purpose behind reason” et cetera were just pseudo-intellectual pieces of crap. The true questions which I elevated to Valhallic (neologism inventor, am I) proportions were stuff that looked like they came from a Stephen Hawking book (one of two of them actually did!). “Why are Relativistic Gravity and Quantum Mechanics Incompatible?”, “What was the origin of the universe?”, “What is the true nature of space, time and chaos?” et cetera. That kinda changed after some time. That’s because I realized that these were castles built on infirm foundations.

Et Cetera, et cetera. Facts for whatever.

But the word Random“… that got me thinking. Science is built on firm, logical reasoning. Randomness or Chaos (Random and Chaos are after all, the same person in different forms. Chaos results from Randomness and there is no such thing as a Random Cosmos) are not ideas that remain restricted to the realm of logical reasoning, but overlap into abstract thought.

Abstract thought is something that no-one has ever understood properly. However, it’s potential has never been tapped to its full limit. What we need is to somehow incorporate the essence of abstract thought and random-chaos into logical reasoning.

I have ideas, but nothing more…

Info-scions will shout “Thief!”. Hail to me, then… MUTHAFUCKA!

And as everybody’s favorite band from Oxforshire said…

Don’t get any big ideas. They’re not gonna happen

to be continued…


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Define the term “Funny” (barah number)

Try out Dinesh Kapur’s blog, ‘Epicenter’. He’s in good form right now.

And now, the post.

Why is one form of humor supposedly superior to another? I, for one, try to appreciate them all. Right from the subtle verbosity of Wodehouse, to the far-out puns of Douglas Adams and the clip I’m giving you.

Yes, ladies. Deep down inside, every Indian boy nodded his head in silent agreement when he saw this scene. We’re a one billion plus population, how do you think we got there?

Brilliant performance by Kal Penn.


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A new nickname…

Just call me “Rochveldt Caertflenk“.

What a gem!


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Abstract Thinking? The Nature of? Tool-Time?

I cannot possibly name this post. Also, it’s incoherent babble. I need a voice-recorder.Was sitting in my bed and thinking about… well, thinking! I came across the following conclusions.

  • The nature of TRUE and meaningful thought is quite different from what we regard it to be. Even the most intelligent people (like me?) are in fact guilty of the crime of plagiarism. We peddle other people’s thoughts as our own to an unsuspecting audience. I’m still waiting for the day when somebody will come up to me and stop me mid-sentence and go, “That’s not your own! That’s from Socrates/Plato/Robert Pirsig/Douglas Adams et cetera.
  • The System against which I’m on a Vendetta. I realized that I can’t define it properly without contradicting myself. That’s because, like it or not, I’m a part of it and true definitions come from objective, outside observers. What I need is a Theory of Relativity for my mind. A philosophical version of it where a person can define a frame of reference which he is in and moving along with.
  • Philosophy: That branch of science which does not use mathematics.     
  • Science: That branch of philosophy that uses mathematics.
  • Mathematics: A tool used for rationalizing the thought process in terms of another tool known as numbers.
  • What differentiates one branch of study from another? It’s the tools they use. Tools such as mathematics, oratory, writing, painting, drawing, stitching, suspending belief et cetera.
  • How do I feel? Like Leonardo Da Vinci. I have the goddam Mona Lisa in mind but am not adept enough at handling the tools required for painting in order to use painting, another tool to represent it. Like Mozart. I have Die Zauberfloute ringing in my ears and cannot play any instrument.

Most people who read this blog know my identity and phone number. Meet me to truly understand what I’m trying to say. I am not adept enough at handling this tool to represent what’s going through my head. 


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Worst Exam Prep. EVER.

The layout of my (alright! OUR) room includes two balconies. A large one in front of it, where the three of us sit, our aching arses freezing in the winter cold, at midnight and indulge in long and pointedly inane conversations. There is also a smaller balcony, where you will find a collection of Bacardi and Smirnoff bottles. Empty bottles, that is. In my cupboard, there is a diet coke bottle that has a seemingly harmless, lightish brown colored liquid in it. In reality, we are ourselves unsure of what is in it (rum+vodka+???…) and are too scared to drink it. We are also saving it for exam results day.

Analog Electronics. A joke. Wish I could’ve scored more. If ever there was a paper with 90% written all over it, where getting an A+ was merely a matter of putting pen to paper, this was it. Damn. Elements of Aerospace Engineering tomorrow. Easy enough. Three days off after that. Then four exams in a row. All tough ones. Mechanics of Solids, Applied Mathematics, Mechanics of Fluids, Applied Physics. All right, three tough ones. OK?

I’m giving Radiohead and Led Zeppelin a bit of a rest right now. Still haven’t got the guts to go back to Coldplay (there are excellent reasons for this). Listening to ‘Jefferson Airplane’ and still listening to ‘The White Stripes’. Especially their earlier works (De Stilj, White Blood Cells etc.)

Also I still haven’t found the movie I’m looking for. It’s bloody rare and yet…

More madness with roommates:

  • “Say what again! I Dare You! I Double Dare You Motherfucker!”
  • A twist competition to the song “Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry. Don’t ask who wins. We’re watching too much of this movie.
  • Lying in our respective beds, it’s 3 A.M. and there’s not a sound in the room. Eventually, one of us is going to moan in a suggestive manner. The others copy suit. It’s our tribute to Catch-22.
  • I get up from my chair and wear my jacket. Roommate#1: “So, you going to H*** ***s?” Me: “It’s cold. I want to wear my jacket.” Roommate#2: “So, you’re going to H*** ***s?” Me:NO”  Am I THAT predictable?

We have exams. What am I doing? Arrgghhhh! Study, goddam it! TIMMAH!

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No More Posts…

No More Postssss (drums go da da da da da da da da)…    ~ Iron Maiden

Not until exams are over, at least.

I spent ALL this semester sleeping in class and slacking off. Now… 10 exams, 16 days.

I am an empty class who knows nothing. Fill me with knowledge I’ll chuck the day the paper completes.

“Study” time.

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Run, Children, Run!

Aha! Your diabolical plans have been found out! Fiends!

Ever noticed that all that separates a friend from a fiend is ONE measly little alphabet? Should’ve been an indicator of some sort. A warning bell of which I took no heed.

Was reading Akhil-dasroommate-I’mgonnasulkmyassofmotherfuckers-Garg’s profile, and what did I see? A testimonial from Swati that says, and I quote:

(…)we have lots to do in life, get harish married, make sure his kids arent THAT spoilt(…)


Are these people my friends or spies from my parents? You guys think of getting married at 19? Nine-fucking-teen? And worse, you think of getting ME married off?

Haven’t I made my stance on marriage quite clear already? Maybe, it’s a good thing; maybe it’s not. But I know for sure that if there exists on this beautiful planet of our’s a human being who is fundamentally un-marriable… ’tis me. And as for the kids part, that warrants an explanation.

You see, my views on parenting are quite different from most others. I feel that since ALL the people I know want their kids (pause: Yes. I know people who have clear-cut goals as to what kind of kids they want to bring up… and they’re in college. For e.g.: my sister (aged:22) has already decided what she’s going to name her kids. The above mentioned Swati has gone one step further and has already decided that her kids will follow in mommy’s footsteps and study in AFBBS. Many male friends I have want to send their kids to Doon School. Err… guys, make your own life first, please?) resume: to grow up to be a successful, good looking, 95+%-scoring, captain of the school football AND Debate team, Head-Boy/Girl type. So on one fine occasion when I heard this inane topic crop up again, I expressed what are my genuine views on parenting. I (very important point here, you bring up your kids nicely, please) am going to make my kids (if I have any, that is) the most spoilt, arrogant, lazy pricks to have ever existed.

Harish: “What’s the matter, son?”
The Boy: “Failed ANOTHER exam”
Harish: “That’s alright. How many girls have you laid?”
The Boy: “Oh, around twelve… if that includes faculty… fifteen-ish”
Harish: “Faculty?”
The Boy: “New English teacher. Just passed out of college. What a piece of ass!”
Harish: “Did you fail English?”
The Boy: “Nope. Topped the class. She wants to see you at the next PTA Conference. ;)”
Harish: “That’s my boy!”

This, of course, excludes the SUV of his choice by the time he’s four- alright, fifteen.

As for a girl… well well well…

Gucci, Armani, Prada, Versace, D&G, Dior et cetera… the cabana boys… the cars… the parties… you know the rest.

As for my friendish fiends (or rather…), just try and stop me!


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