Sin City and a few not-so-wisecracks

Been reading, or rather, re-reading quite a bit of Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ graphic novels. Take my word for it, the man is a brilliant story-teller and if you’re a fan of noir… well, what can I say! Beware though, it’s filled with graphic depictions of sex, violence and every negative emotion the human mind can possibly concieve.

There was a Sin City movie a couple of years ago which received media attention ONLY because of what Jessica Alba wore in her role as the stripper, Nancy. My current favorite actor, Clive Owen, played the role of Dwight McCarthy. I cannot think of a better choice. The flick was based on the stories, ‘That Yellow Bastard’, ‘The Big Fat Kill’ and ‘The Hard Goodbye’.

I would say that my favorite story has to be, ‘A Dame To Kill For’. Apparently, Sin City 2 is going to feature this story! 😀 Also, they’re probably going to cast Angelina Jolie as Ava Lord. You might say, “Oh, no! Not another seductress role! Beowulf was bad enough, thank you“, but I ask of thee, if not her… who? I shall assume from your silence that you are in agreement.

Also, according to highly unreliable sources, ‘Hell and Back: A Sin City Love Story’ is also going to get a celluloid makeover with Johnny Depp as Wallace. Wait a second… Johnny Depp? Law of averages, I guess. Two perfect castings have to be countered with one completely buggered one. I doubt if Frank will allow it, though. Any Johnny Depp fans who disagree better take a look at the illustration of Wallace. I know this sounds extraordinarily stupid, but the character of Wallace needs someone like a long-haired Hritik Roshan. Not that he should be cast, of course! Neo Noir is not a form of cinema that anyone from the Indian Melodramatic Farce Film Industry can handle.

Apart from that… going through another bout of writer’s bloc (sic.) Speaking of which, saw a T-shirt caption that said, “Bad Grammar makes me (sic.)”. Where do people get this stuff? Why can’t I have any? 😦

What else… people are asking me how I know so much about smoking a cigarette properly? Keep guessing…

And I’ve cut me hair. Commanded by a spiderman villain/snake spit and orchestrated by Goofy, this 100-rupee haircut is the most I’ve ever spent on my epidermal follicles. People say I actually look good, but I know better than to believe stuff like that. If I do look good, though…

I have a message for ye shallow and stupid but sexy girls :



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3 responses to “Sin City and a few not-so-wisecracks

  1. blahandblah

    “I have a message for ye shallow and stupid but sexy girls”
    Thy name male chauvinism, is it?

  2. Chauvinism? Me? This is the limit!

    I have been brought up surrounded by women who take my case on a regular basis, so that’s a charge that just cannot be levelled against me.

    The quote is to be interpreted as follows:

    Those women who happen to be shallow and stupid but sexy… as opposed to your interpretation of Women, who happen to be shallow and stupid but sexy.

    You see, I am very well aware that there are women who are smart and sexy… but they seem to be naturally Harish Alagappa Intolerant… so might as well go for the shallow, stupid and sexy ones instead!

  3. Stoopid, boi! Ooh ooh, hot!!

    P.S: It IS genuine!

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