Eh, what?

No emails or orkut scraps for TWO whole days! 😮 !!!

Has everyone forgotten me, finally? YES! Woo-hoo!

Am currently fooling around on the internet whilst listening to this sample selection of  songs:

  • The Eraser ~ Thom Yorke
  • Still Waiting ~ Sum 41
  • Here Without You ~ 3 Doors Down
  • Thunderstruck ~ AC lightning bolt DC
  • Smooth Criminal ~  Alien Ant Farm
  • XL Ki Kudiyan ~ Bodhi Tree (:D If you haven’t heard this one yet… get your hands on this song ASAP!)
  • Smoke On The Water ~ Deep Purple
  • Sultans of Swing ~ Dire Straits
  • Roadhouse Blues ~ The Doors
  • Blue ~ Eiffel 65
  • Feel Good Inc. ~ The Gorillaz

Wanted to write about something I had discovered about the supposedly “gentler sex” and to be precise, the nature of their lust and sexual fantasies… maybe sometime later.

Trailer for soon-to-be-coming-post:

Why do guys like porn? Are girls a bunch of hypocrites? Do they REALLY want a guy who’s “intelligent, caring and has a great sense of humor” or is that a load of crap? Views on these sensitive topics and more! All thanks to having to share lunch tables with “specimens” from my college (no, not you Mahajan, Murthy, Srinivasan and Sati! The others…)

And to quote my friend Nikhil Menon,

“No, I’m not a cynic. You’re just too much of an optimist!”


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3 responses to “Eh, what?

  1. Now that is something worth anticipating – Considering your field work took place at the ‘shared’ cafeteria with the ‘hawt’ *cough* fashion engineers *cough*.

  2. Where-ever is that insightful, ground-breaking, never before revealed, eagerly awaited post of yours !! ?? I am waiting ..

  3. Work seems to have caught up with me in the last week of my 3rd semester.


    Till then here’s some spirited humming to pass the time:

    “dum dum da dee dee dee da dum woo hoo la la la lalalaaaaaa…”

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