You know what I hate?

I hate over-pretentious, two-faced hypocrites.

You know what I like? Violence.

You too? Then, friend, go watch…

This is what I like to call a “DUDE!” flick. No plot, no screenplay, no emotions (except anger and lust), no bullshit. Just a whole lotta shootin’, killin’, cussin’ and cheap one-liners too boot!

Shoot ‘Em Up is a bit of an inside-joke. It at the same time, glorifies and mocks Hollywood action flicks. It’s a bit like a Hollywood Rajnikanth flick. If you, like me, go in just to enjoy yourself without giving a flying fuck to direction or any cinematic credentials, you’ll have a ball! I mean, come on! How can you NOT like a movie where the lead character has no name, chews on a carrot all the time and uses the line, “You know what I hate?” throughout the movie! Plus, it features absurdly entertaining sequences like:

  • The guy shoots up a sign of “FAUKNER TRUCKS AND TOOLS” such that it reads “F UK      U” (the “TOOLS” is obscured by a trash can) before muttering “Fuck You, You Fucking Fuckers!” and jumping across a building. The bad guy then shoots up the “tools” sign so that it now reads “F UK      U        TOO“.
  • Clive Owen puts a gun behind the villian’s head, bites a carrot and says, “What’s Up, doc?”
  • “I’m a British Nanny and I’m Dangerous”
  • Mr. Smith: Do you know what I hate?
    Baby’s Mother: [in pain while conceiving] No!
    Mr. Smith: I hate these forty-year-old jack-holes wearing ponytails. That pony tail doesn’t make you look hip, young, or cool.
    [Smith shoots a ponytail henchmen in the head (and blows the ponytail off)]
  • Mr. Smith: [after killing several men while at the same time having sex with Monica Bellucci] Talk about shooting your load. 

Dudes, watch with your mates. Girls, *cough* enjoy Jab We Met. *cough* 


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3 responses to “You know what I hate?

  1. Ahhhhhhh ha ha ah !



  2. The accused is Guilty on all charges.

    Next case.

  3. ashwin1607

    You gave the movie away ASSSSSSSSSHOLLLLLLLEEEEEE


    MURDERER!!!!!!( Author of Chaosverse :Serial killer killing excitement of innocent readers on the basis of advising in the watching of a movie a.k.a Shoot em up)

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