Of Idiots and their boxes

You DO live an interesting life, Mr. Beeblebrox!

There’s a wolf wuss at my door! Calls me on the phone, tells me how he’s going to… and then I give him a nano-piece of my mind and he goes ultra-defensive and messages crap like “I have nothing! That’s why I need validation.” Shape up or ship out, loser. And randomly insulting everyone around you with xenophobic intensity and exhibiting the very same virtues you’re on a tirade against is not a legit way to deal with it. It is if you have the supreme arrogance to admit that you’re infalliable and brilliant. But not if you message crap like that, asshole!

And someone else who ALSO needs constant validation. And gets it. But is still not convinced. Last time: YOU ARE GOOD! ALRIGHT? NOT THE BEST I’VE SEEN, AGREED, BUT STILL PRETTY DAMN FUCKING GOOD! DEAL WITH IT!

Bah! Humbug!

In other news, my life is beginning to have hidden TV messages in it. My domestic scene resembles a daily soap (*ing- Stephen Colbert as Me), and just a day after we started off on Simpson’s Rules (“Yeah it does! Oh, wait that’s the topic?”), we’re doing Piccard’s Methods. Great! Homer Jay and Jean Luke! What next? “Cartman’s Equations”?

I’m also beating a hasty retreat this diwali. For the first time, I won’t be spending it with my family. Instead Ankur, the Ayn Rand-loving romancer of Professors, and I are heading for the Himalyas. There’s snow, peace and tranquility in them thaar hills!

And S… Here you go. Ought to make you feel better. If not… ask this guy for advice! 😀

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One response to “Of Idiots and their boxes

  1. s.

    do THAT again (esp on the WWW) and see………….

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