Gotta watch


I’m REALLY looking forward to watching this movie. I planned on buying a copy of the book (in Old English!). I remember holding the book in my hands at Mildland’s, Hauz Khas and thinking very carefully before deciding… later.

I want to see this movie because:

  • It’s being directed by Robert Zemeckis. (Back To The Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, Castaway)
  • Stars Anthony Hopkins (2nd fav. actor) and Angelina Jolie (*drool)
  • Media going nuts about some supposedly “ground-breaking usage of CGI”.
  • But most importantly… Written by Neil Gaiman (Best Current Sci-Fi Author, in my humble opinion) and Roger Avery (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction!!!)

Releasing Nov. 16 (Please come to India… please? pretty please?)

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One response to “Gotta watch

  1. Yeah, it’s probably gonna be great. But in the TV commercials and trailer everyone looks like they’re CGI. But it’s this new 3D HD or WTFII??!! OK, well we’ll see about that …

    Never read Beowulf myself, total ignoramus on classic literature am I. Unlike you, I have never even held the book in my hand. But, 2001 A Space Odyssey, I know by heart.

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