Livin’ a lie!


I have eight nine assignments to submit on wednesday and haven’t even started on ONE!


Visited Abhi after some time and played FIFA ’08! 😀 It’s alright, good graphics and nice player likeness, but stick to Pro Evo for gameplay.


Happy Bad Hindi Joke Day? If the semi-Bhojpuri/semi-Haryanvi one Shashank (1st year Eco – Ramjas) told us at Hauz Khas wasn’t bad enough (punchline: “Tohra toh nahi khula, lekin, sassura, hamra toh toot gayo“), I had to hear this one:

Qs. Whose mom has the worst time concieving?

 Ans. Sunny Deol. Why? “Main nikla… O’ Gaddi leke…

Yes. I’m a cruel person. Evil-thy-name-is™

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