Night Riders…

Play the addictive (k)night rider theme

Chaosverse. It’s not just the affinity of physics geeks to use abuse the word chaos. It’s bleeding accurate, it is! Like I said guv’nor! Sorry about that. Been in a late victorian vagabond mood for some time now.

It began innocently enough. A little journey into Delhi to save money on petrol (to the uninitiated, petrol is more expensive in Noida than Delhi). Ashwin decided he wanted to drive down the DND Express Flyover (a 18-km express road that looks like an Indy track more than a city street). The problem was, we were in Sarita Vihar. So, we decided to go to Ashram and catch the flyway (as it’s known) from there. We then decided to go to IIT. Then AIIMS. Back up Aurobindo Marg to Hauz Khas (Hey there!). AIIMS again. Prithviraj Road. Aurangzeb Road. Tughlaq Road. Rashtrapathi Bhavan. The Parliament House. India Gate. A round around India Gate. Pragati Maidan. Old Fort. Indraprastha. Akshardham. Mayur Vihar. Noida. Sec-49.

Back home at 2.30 A.M. the gate’s shut and Akhil’s fast asleep. We don’t dare wake the house up. The Radisson Hotel’s 24-hr coffee shop! Is closed because it’s a tuesday (Noida’s sector-18 market is closed on tuesdays.) So is the Mosaic, the only other 24-hr coffee shop in Noida. Back on the DND. Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and to Comesum, the ONLY 24-hr restuarant in Delhi and the most happening place for homosexuals and prostitution. Stayed there till 6 A.M. and I think a guy (wearing a pink shirt, mascara and a fake blush-inducing powder all over him) was checking me out. Must be into S’n’M.

Left Comesum and drove down the DND (again!) as I enjoyed watching the sun rise over the city of Delhi while we were freezing (Winter hath arriveth). Reached home at 6.30 and hid under blankets.

We drank approximately 4-5 litres of coffee and I didn’t get to ride the bike enough.

Note: Came 2nd in Panache 2007 at DCE. We were in the lead until a buzzer+crossword round on IT and Corporate qs resulted in Double D taking an unassialable lead.  


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4 responses to “Night Riders…

  1. Appropriate title indeed. I guess there can be a correction. DND Flyway is not more than 6 km. And if you’re talking about the Greater Noida expressway, then I guess it is around 25-30 kn.

    Or am I just too behind the times and there is one new flyover?? Quite Possible.

  2. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    Or THF hasn’t done his homework. Not likely, but still.

  3. Correction: Typo. Sorry.
    DND is 7.5 kms. I wanted to type 8. (honest!)

  4. You don’t even have to ask to play the theme. It buzzes anyway! 🙂


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