Mon Madness…

Mrs. Miggins: Bonjour, Monsiuer
Blackadder: Excuse me.
Mrs. Miggins: It’s French.
Blackadder: So is eating frogs, cruelty to geese and urinating on the streets.

As part of our university’s regulations, we are all to study a foreign language. I’m the ONLY guy in my class doing Deutsch. There are a few chaps who took Espanyol and the rest are au francais.

After reading about men who are mad and listening to the french word for “I” being repeated all around me, as everyone in class was preparing for a french test… I was in no mood to attend German. So, I went and sat in the overcrowded LT along with them frenchies. I also gave the test.

There’s a very famous episode of the cult 5 p.m. cartoon, Dexter’s Lab. Dexter tries to cram overnight for a french test but the machine that’s supposed to be teaching him french while he sleeps, jams. He wakes up and all he can say is “Omlette du fromage“. Well… I answered (as roll no. 19023. How’s Manipal?) There were some classic answers such as… (terrible french, of course!)

  • C’est Omlette du Fromage, futre vous!
  • Q’est appelle Omlette du Fromage?
  • Je adore Omlette du Fromage
  • Je detiste vous
  • Je detiste Francais
  • (Q. Introduce yourself in French) Viva la Zizou! Viva la Zizou!
  • C’est Madness

A message to the condescending shrieking bitch that’s the Francais Professor… you have been Uber-pwnd.

And winter!!! Winter is almost here!!!

Planning to head to the Himalayas during the four days or so we’re getting off due to diwali.

124 hits yesterday! 😀

And… madman? ❓


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3 responses to “Mon Madness…

  1. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless



    I say, touché, old chap.

  2. “half-jig, quarter madman hop.”

    And btw, Mon isn’t “I”. It’s “My”

  3. Like you’d say “Mon amie”. My friend

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