“School Romances”

Whoa! Wait a minute! Don’t even start. See the pretty quotes? There you go!

It just came to my attention that there are two people who I’ve known for a year and whom I can dare call my good friends (can I?) who’ve used the particular term, “the love of my life” to describe a a certain individual with whom they’re infatuated. The remarkable aspect of this seemingly meaningless coincidence is the fact that they hail from the same high school, the Air Force Bal Bharti School (AFBBS), Lodi Road, New Delhi. Now, the Question de la journée is… Why? I may be wrong, but is that school a center of hopeless romantics or do people inadvertently become romantic, thanks to the school’s lovely environs and proximity to the highly romantic cultural centers of New Delhi quali India Habitat Center, India International Center et cetera.

I ‘m really not the right authority on school romance. Ask anyone from Clarence High to St. Andrew’s to Bethany High to KV and the answer will be the same; Harish was a lot (pain-in-the-ass, quizzer, debater, obsessive compulsive “taker of pangas“, scapegoat and occasionally, a prefect) but a juvenile Romeo, he was and is not. But, I am aware of the terms used in my school life to describe thou’s lovers, and such heavy duty stuff as “love of my life” and “one true love” seems to be the prerogative of AFBBS alone.

Exempli Gratia: In Bethany High, one had “a girl” or one was “seeing someone” or “going around with XYZ and Harsh Jalan (hope he reads this! bloody stud bugger!!)”. In KV one had a “GF” or had “patao-ed a ladki” (I HATE that school!). I’m unaware of the terms used at St. Andrew’s or Clarence (Andrew-ites and Clarencians, kindly enlighten in the comments section). I think in Mother’s Intl., one also “has a girl/chick”. In fact, I think “having a girl” is the most common term in schools everywhere. So, why AFBBS-ites, do you use the kind of lingo that befits Meg Ryan in her many romantic comedies than real life? ‘Tis confusing…


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6 responses to ““School Romances”

  1. ashwin1607

    nice but just one thing this shows only one thing that even cynics can fall in love and you are not ready for that, well my friend the fact of the matter is that, this is one of the things that cant prove why it happens but it just does and i pity the fools that fall in “love” that early in school.
    Most say it happens in college and its most of the time true best of luck my cynic friend, in what ever way you take it the positive way or other wise.

  2. Happened with my friends. I called them idiots. And what I called them, turned out to be true. Its not the correct time, period.

  3. Hehe! Andrews just had this thing of “Being boy friend-girlfriend”. Nothing otherwise! Andrews was very VERY weird, now that I recall stuff. It was immature.

    Surprisingly though, I know of relationships that have lasted all these years still. So, making it some 8 odd years already!! Damn!

  4. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    You’re in a purple patch THF…

    amazing works…

    carry on…

    also, Romeo WAS a juvenile. 🙂

    Thus, the phrase “juvenile romeo” is a redundancy.

    Have a (Nice Day).

  5. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    What’s Legeno ?

    Doesn’t ring a bell.

  6. School only ever made me feel murderous/suicidal/both…definitely not romantic.

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