I wish people were easier to understand.

I wish I could solve the Riemann Zeta function.

I wish Mensa-Delhi actually DID something.

I wish my stupid Higgs Field idea was actually true and is enough to overshadow my pathetic academic performances.

I wish I was a spoilt rich brat who could afford to not give a fuck.

I wish to know whether people mock me when they call me intelligent.

I know people mock me when they say anything that remotely relates me to being handsome.

I wish I was as impervious on the inside as I am on the outside.


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5 responses to “Wishes…

  1. I dont think people mock you when they say you are intelligent. It kinda shows… and seems pretty obvious from your continual references to scientific theories, which few people know bout!

  2. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    Actually, *I* mock him. Consistently.

    I wish I could be happy,
    I wish, I wish, something would happen…
    Where do we go from here?
    The planet is a gunboat, in a sea of fear,
    And where are you?
    They brought in…


    Mockery. Just Dü It.

    [People mock your knowledge of apparently useless trivial matters that seem beyond the banal to them. Don’t worry. Be Silly.]

  3. @ Natansh

    @Wonko the Paedo
    Well, *you* may mock me… *you* and your imaginary hippy friends who like to grind babies for their sweet, sweet nectar… but *I* don’t take what you *you* say very seriously.

  4. You don’t want to understand people too much. Everyone’s a hypocrite. In some way!

    If someone’s ASSUMING your not intelligent, then he definitely couldn’t have comprehended what you said! No one can mock at you with that!!!! Get it. Now by all means I’ll call you a pea-brain! For not getting that!!!

    I know I said you were handsome. Sorry, are! I mean it! Will you stop being so judgmental about everything!

    “Take every compliment and criticism that comes your way” Someone I know told me that. Can I pass it on to you? Please?

  5. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    Touchy. Tch, tch.

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