(Nice Dream)

(Nice Dream) is a Radiohead song from the 1995 album, The Bends.

This song revels in a happy-life fantasy, but concludes that it can be nothing more than a “nice dream.” ~ Greenplastic

If you think that you’re strong enough
If you think you belong enough
If you think that you’re strong enough
If you think you belong enough.
[Just as well Just as well Just as well]
~ final verse of the song.

I’m sitting in a car. The seat next to the driver. In the middle of the woods. It’s late at night and the only light I can see is a bit of moonlight coming through the trees that’s only enough to give everything a shadow, but not to be able to see anything. Someone’s walking towards the car from behind. Something huge. Massive. The car begins to shake. I see shapes moving really fast ahead of the car. I hear sounds as those shapes are running away frantically from whatever it is that’s coming behind the car. I see ONE face. It’s a woman. (Do I know that face?). Her face is against the window. It’s white and her hair is all over the place. She looks me in the eye, smiles for an instant and then appears more frightened than before and runs away. She was the last one. I can only feel the beast/person/robot? heading towards me. I try to get out of the car… but I can’t. My hands aren’t responding. I try to shout. All that comes is a deep moan. I try again. The thing is getting closer. I feel a dread pass over me. Fear grips me as my moans get softer and softer as my voice goes dry. The car is shaking. Softly first and then it picks up. In seconds, the car is shaking violently, with my mouth open and wanting to moan… But not a sound comes out. A dark shadow is spreading over the car… The shadow is over me…

I wake up, and it’s 10 p.m. Time for free internet.


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2 responses to “(Nice Dream)

  1. Terrifying, I mean I would have wet myself if i were not dehydrated. But why and how the free internet?

  2. 🙂

    Somewhere, in between, sounded like a dementor was after you!

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